Gathered Purpley. MSB questions

  1. So, my favorite, favorite bag of all time is the purple gathered MSB. It just makes me so happy and it's so pretty.

    So, I carry my laptop in it and i had one and it the strap broke. Coach said they could not repair it and they gave me a store credit. Then, I found the bag on Bonaza, so I was happy. Then a handle broke on that bag and the strap was stretching again. I'm sending it out to coach. My guess is, they wont be able to fix it and I will get a store credit or a 40% off letter.

    So, here is what is crazy. Jax had one of these bags left - I know! So, I ordered it and then my store gave me 25% off since it's such an expensive bag.

    Clearly the lesson is don't carry my laptop, but that is not going to happen, because I carry my laptop everywhere. And i thought about giving up on this bag, but I sooooooo love it.

    Has anyone else had problems with this bag. While I'm happy with my decision to buy the bag again, does anyone think it's silly. I just figure I use the bag so much and it makes me happy, so what the heck.
  2. I don't have this bag but I o think it gorgeous! If it makes you happy and you don't mind replacing the bag then keep on doing what you are doing. I don't baby my bags but I will say if I had a favorite that broke and I wanted it again I'd buy another. Good luck :smile:
  3. Why not buy a laptop bag or give up the laptop and carry an ipad.... Obviously after breaking two handles the bag wasnt made to carry a laptop. What a waste of money to ruin another bag.

    My though is buy a laptop bag.
  4. What size/weight is your laptop?
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    Not silly at all. If you love the bag that much, buying a replacement makes perfect sense to me. You're very lucky to have found one too!

    ETA: I also agree with getting a laptop bag. Most of the straps on laptop bags are made of strong webbing, so one of them will be a lot more durable, and can withstand the weight of your laptop.
  6. If the bag is something you love then why not replace it? Just try not to break the strap! :p
    seriously, consider a laptop bag. They're made to protect your laptop from harm and it will make sure you don't inadvertently harm your beloved bag.
  7. I have the bag & love it also .. if something were to happen to mine I would replace it also ... but I personally would not want to risk another one getting damaged because sooner or later the bag will be hard to come by new or used ... I personally would pick up a glam tote to carry the lap top in for sure a lot less $$$ to spend to replace if that breaks ... JMO
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    Take the two broken bags to a cobbler and ask them to repair and reinforce the handles. That way you have two strong bags to accommodate your laptop and one that is in perfect condition when the other two finally bite the dust.
  9. My thoughts exactly.

    The bag obviously isn't strong enough to carry a laptop.
  10. I think I've read on here that this particular bag tends to have problems like this. Regardless i wish i had one, love the purple gathered pieces.
  11. This!
  12. Spending that much money again on a handbag that you love so much, but still not giving up on carrying the laptop in it when you know what it does to your bag seems silly. I would replace the laptop with another gadget if possible, or find another bag to carry my laptop in, or as another tpf'er said take the other two bags to the cobbler and continue using them, saving the new one for later. BUT i would not carry the laptop in my new bag. JMHO
  13. If you need a laptop vs a tablet, can you find a lighter one? Some companies are making them really thin & light now - maybe be cheaper in the long run than buying this bag over and over - if the only option is this bag + laptop
  14. Well, thanks all for the opinions!!! I'm not ready to give up carrying my laptop in my MSB.....

    So, here is what I did. I convinced work to buy me a lighter laptop.

    Problem solved. :smile:
  15. It's not silly to buy a replacement for a bag you love, but it is silly to continue to carry your laptop when it is obviously too heavy for the bag. If your bag must carry this laptop, you need to find something else.