Gathered Leather Sophia Buckeling With Shoulder Straps??

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  1. I finally made a decision and purchased the small gray gathered sophia with my PCE. They didn't have it in the store, so I ordered it. I love the look of it, but have never had a satchel before and want to use the shoulder strap. When I brought it home and put it on my shoulder, the bag "buckles" and falls over with my things in it. Is this normal, or is it only meant to use it with the shorter handles? Now I don't know what to do....I hate to return another bag!!!!:wacko: Any advise???
  2. I don't have a gathered sophia, but i do have one in mahogany and yes it does kinda puddle in the middle with the shoulder strap. I saw on the sophia thread that someone attached the shoulder strap to the middle loops, the ones that the top handles are on,and it kept more or less the shape of the bag that it is when you use it as a satchel.
  3. Hi,
    I have the Large Gathered Black Sophia and noticed the Buckllng effect when I used the shoulder strap. I think because the way the bag is shaped, unfortunately it will buckle/fold in the middle. I bought extra trigger snaps at Lowes and added them to the strap. It has helped some. I was contemplating getting the small Gathered Sophia instead but glad to know that the small one buckles too.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. Thank you so much for posting the photos...I tried it and it is perfect!! I am going to keep it now cause I really love the bag and now it doesn't buckle!!!:yahoo: