Gathered Carrie or New Legacy Patricia

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Carrie or Patricia

  1. Carrie

  2. Patricia

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  1. Okay ladies, I went and bought the new gathered carrie and matching wallet, and upon checking out. I noticed the patricia and bought her and her matching wallet. Both in black. I am deciding now between the two, and need your opinions. I love them both, and both are very different styles I know, but can you help. I would LOVE the patricia in the cognac color, however the store told me the Patricia in that color is sold out company wide.
  2. I voted Patricia, it's such a classic bag and I think will look great years from now. Both are beautiful though. I got the Cognac Legacy Patricia when it first came out, I hope you can find one, maybe Coach will replenish since it was apparently so popular. GL!
  3. Carrie all the way!!
  4. Patricia! I got her in the colorblock and i love it!!
  5. I voted for Carrie...she is one gorgeous bag in gathered leather!
  6. #6 Sep 23, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2012
    A classsic design that you will use for a very long time. The Carrie, though beautifu,l is more of a trendy design. Satchels with straps do run their cycles.
    It depends really, also, on what you need more.

    You can always try to get the cognac Patricia at a dept. store boutique. I have seen them there.

    That was last week, however. Dillards and Macys doesn't have it, soooo.

  7. Would you be so kind to tell me where you spotted the cognac one at? That would def. seal the deal for me. LOL
  8. I could have sworn I saw it in Lord and Tayolor in NYC. Had seen it in Bloomies....but that was last week. Gave it a passing glance, because I was checking out something else. Everywhere you look on the web, it cannot be found. I know. I went looking for you!

    (needed a diversion from my project).
  9. =) Bloomies in NYC? If I can ask, which store I will give them a call. Thanks Much!
  10. Yes in NYC. It may have been gone by now. Good luck.
  11. I will give it a try. Thank you for the info =)
  12. You're welcome! Good luck!
  13. I found it!!! Thank you SOOOOO Much you just made my day. I didn't call NY, I called the one closer to me and found one there. They have friends and family starting on Thur. so I did a pre-buy to save 20% too, plus no tax, and she's waiving the shipping. YAHOO! :yahoo:
  14. :woohoo::yahoo:

    That is great! You get a classic in the color ou want.
    So glad to be able to help.
    Have a great day.
    Will be eagerly awaiting your pix of Miss Patricia.