Gathered and crimson carrie

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  1. Hi,

    For those who want to see how they look in real life, these are the pic. Not well taken but almost true to color.
    P9210529.JPG P9210530.JPG
  2. Oh wow! I haven't seen the crimson patent before, and it's gorgeous! Love the black gathered too!
  3. Gorgeous!!
  4. Lovely! they are now on my want list!! enjoy!!
  5. What Gorgeous bags. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  6. The crimson is sooo pretty. Thanks for sharing and hope youre enjoying your new goodies!
  7. They are both beautiful! That crimson patent is rather irresistible!
  8. Lovely bag!! I want a Carrie!
  9. Those are are one lucky lady!
  10. Hi,

    Thank You. The gathered carrie is one of my Fav. I always wanted a gathered bag but could never find the perfect size until I met the carrie. :smile:
  11. Love the gathered Carrie! So glad to see the gathered in new bag styles. I would get this one but I already have a black gathered MSB. But I look forward to seeing it and the gathered Juliette in more colors. I do wonder why your bag has gold/brass hardware and the one on the site as silver. Any ideas?

  12. Hi,

    I personally prefer brass/black so I called the store to check if brass black was available. She told me there were just 10 in the warehouse so I had to get it. :smile:
  13. Hi, Could you possibly post mod shots and a pic of the inside? I'd like to get an idea of what it holds. Thanks!
  14. Good thinking! I prefer brass/black as well.
  15. LOVE the gathered! Congrats on both :smile:!