Gather Round People. Meet Tuki : Is He Hot ?

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  1. [​IMG]

    L’uomo Vogue manages a very nice generational hop, skip and a jump with Marlon Brando’s grandson Tuki lounging about on its cover.
    Hotness is Hereditary: Meet Marlon’s Grandson​

    Marlon Brando’s grandson Tuki Brando has taken up modeling and the world is better for it. Here he is on the cover of L’Uomo Vogue shot by the worlds foremost appreciator of beautiful boys Bruce Weber.​
    That glower and those brows seem to be a genetic gift that keeps on giving - not to mention a flirtatious hair flip. Bruce Weber is behind the lens adding his usual high gloss finish to young bags of testosterone. Bruce is doing it for the kids … Tuki is all of 16 … well, at least it aint Larry Clark.

    Tuki is the offspring of the ongoing tragedy years that plagued the Brando spawn. His mother Cheyenne was the gorgeous, schizophrenic offspring of Tarita Teriipia and Marlon (who met during the filming of Mutiny on the Bounty). During a downward spiral that ended in her own suicide she falsely accused Tuki’s father of abuse - who was then shot and killed by his uncle – Christian Brando.
    But the thing about the Vogue franchise … they haven’t met the tragedy, minor or major, that they couldn’t spin as a photo spread.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Ehh Kinda Scary to me lol.
  4. not my type. lol

    lets talk about Rico. hahahahah
  5. Aww come on Travis, look at his eyes :love:
  6. I know ya not gonna go there ! :supacool:

    Rico Vs Tuki. Apples Vs Oranges. Hmmmm :s
  7. haha, i like the color ;)
  8. I think he needs a good haircut. BTW who is Rico?
  9. Right now, he is just a baby studdling but when he grows up....... :wlae:
  10. I agree, and yeah who is rico? :confused1:. Prada, this guys only 16?! :nuts:
  11. Rico the reject from the show, I love New York.

    tickle, dont let me put a pic up here for comparison.
  12. [​IMG]

    Ok, you win tickle here's Rico
  13. I know, I like to plan ahead. :p
  14. Ahhhh, no wonder I don't know who Rico is, I don't watch 'I love New York'.

    I think Tuki is waaaaay better looking.
  15. See, i knew you would agree. :yes: