Gather Round : Check Out Hermione's Modeling Pics

  1. [​IMG]
    All grown up: 17-year-old Emma shows how mch she's changed in her new Tatler fashion shoot
  2. [​IMG]
    Despite her new modelling career, Emma insists she is going to go to university to study philosophy
  3. What do you think ?
  4. I think she needs someone to thin out her eyebrows a bit and lighten her hair a tad but other than that she is quite pretty and looks lovely.
  5. She is a cutie pie! I think she looks a bit uncomfortable in these pics. But cute nonetheless.
  6. I think, the last pic of her, they made her look much older. The hair style is way to sophisticated for her.
  7. AWW I liked the brainy Smarty pants bush-haired Harmione~ ~

    Although I admit she's grown up to be quite pretty.
    I like
  8. She is gorgeous, and such a great role model for young girls!

    Like me :smile:
  9. i agree. i saw some really nice pictures of her in teen vogue the other day.
  10. I think she looks young, but very classy for her age! SO much better than what we are used to seeing on a magazine from girls her age.
  11. Ehh. Although I hate to knock a child. She still looks just like her character for me. I have read all the books and when Hermione comes dressed-up down the stairs for the wizard's ball she was supposed to blow everyone away. Umm...didn't work that way in the movie. LOL Even dressed up she looks the same. Kinda simple.
  12. She looks nice IMO.
    I hope she stays a better role model for younger girls, the world doesn't need anymore bad influences.
  13. She's cute, but probably needs to learn to pose better?
  14. She looks cute. I actually like her hair in the last pic. But agree that her posing is a little stiff and awkward.
  15. I think she's gorgeous young girl and I'm sure one day she's gonna be an elegant and sophisticated woman.