Gather Round: Britney's Moving Again ! ** PICS**

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    Exactly two months to the day after she closed on her six-bedroom, six-year-old, 7,453-square-foot house at 12094 Summit Circle in the Beverly Hills, Faded Youth can report the Britney Spears is on the move again.

    Public records still have not been updated to reflect what was widely reported—that the pop diva in December had paid the $7.2 million ask price for the Tuscan-style mansion, and yet, she now has put the house back on the market for $7 495 000, according to listing information.

    See the house’s new listing sheet HERE.

    Brit’s 9,130-square-foot “Serra retreat” in Malibu, at 3200 Retreat Court, remains on the market. See its listing sheet HERE.

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  2. I cant keep up with her !
  3. What a pretty house:drool:
  4. That girl seriously moves more than I do. And, I move A LOT!!!
  5. She obviously has money to burn. :s
  6. OMG What is wrong with her? So obviously searching for something that she will only find within herself!

    Great house!!
  7. she should count her blessings...
  8. So true! Even with all her money, she's become a very sad spectacle. I feel like we're watching her self-destruct before our eyes.
  9. I love that pretty!
  10. Damn, the house is sooo beautiful!
  11. Hmm..I wonder if the price is negotiable? They did a nice job tidying up the bathroom.....:wlae: Awww..I really do love Brit, just wish she'd get it together!
  12. Wonder where she is headed now :shrugs:
  13. Britney is out of control! That house is beautiful. She's spending money like crazy. What is wrong with her?? Maybe she should move back to Louisiana with mama.
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