Gate 1 Travel

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  1. I'm looking to book a trip to Italy within the next year or so. Has anyone ever used Gate 1 Travel? If so what were your like, dislikes, and so on. They have really great prices so I am curious as to what we will get for our money. Thanks everyone!
  2. I've only seen good reviews about their should check out the Frommers, Fodors, or Thorn Tree forums for information on the specific trip you want to go on with them.
  3. I use Gate 1 for group air but I don't know much about their land product. They're a very large company that sells both wholesale and retail, so their rates are good because of all the volume they do and they have a good reputation. Just make sure you research whatever hotels they offer you - sometimes, inexpensive packages are not as great as you'd think because the hotels can be of lesser quality or not as centrally located as you might like.