GASP! They took the spring Toki's off

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  1. The Pirata and Adios Star bags are gone from Why... most seemed to still be in stock? :confused1:
  2. They've been on since the end of feb I think, so its prob time for them to take it off
  3. They will probably send them all to be sold at the Outlets now instead (hopefully on sale!).
  4. Alas, I live nowhere near an outlet.
  5. They all charge send though. :smile:
  6. That means there might be more to select from when they go to outlet this fall.:graucho:
  7. Yeahh..I hope the pirata & adios go to the outlet and then paradiso & inferno would be marked down further ?? I hope so ! I would love to get an inferno corrier ! & I would get paradiso for my 3 sis !
  8. i dunno if that is an indicator they'll go to the outlets but i wanted to buy an adios star zucca! boo! i guess i can wait.

    i hated that print and now i'm like having dreams about it.
  9. pirata and adios star are still in stores, so it's still going to be a while yet before they go to the outlets. also, the prints that are currently 50% off are from 2nd season, so it'll still be a while before paradiso and inferno get marked down more as well.
  10. I think someone on an earlier thread mentioned that the outlet was expecting Pirata and Adios Star in the Fall.
  11. i hope it's after sept 1st so my assistanceship money comes in from school!
  12. What are the outlets everyone is talking about? LOL I want to go to one! Does anyone know if there are some in the northern Virginia/DC area?

  13. there are two in NY state, one in Seattle and an outlet like one in Hawaii, they just get overstock, but also double as a regular store.
  14. Awwwww bummer. I'm not near any of those! But thank you!
  15. they will do charge send, and print placement over the phone for you at the mainland stores, the hawaii store you must send a money order.
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