*gasp* My Expensive Jeans Ripped!

  1. When should designer jeans be painfully tossed after it has been visibly ripped? OR should we still wear them and pretend it's the "destroyed" look?
  2. Depends. Where have they been ripped at?
  3. Yep, depends on where it is ripped at... you can always make a pair of hot-pants out of them!
  4. where did it rip? I would make shorts, carpirs, or just still wear them. got pics?
  5. Yes, depending on where they ripped, you can always patch them up with a good tailor as well. Were they Rock & Republics? (They have a reputation for tearing, unfortunately!)
  6. Like the others said it depends where the rip is and how it looks. A pair of my jeans eventually ripped at the knee (I got good wear out of them tho) and after it ripped I just demoted them to my scruffy lounge around jeans, and they look just fine for that.
  7. It ripped around the kneecap and yes unfortunately they are R&R! It's extremely painful to see, but it lasted for a good 2 years.
  8. you should so make them into capris! Or shorts!
  9. double posted. oops
  10. ditto =)
  11. R&R is NOTORIOUS for ripping. I wouldn't throw them out though.. I agree, make shorts! its fun to do, and cute for the summer
  12. WOW I thought I was the only I got a pair of R&R and the first day I wore them they ripped WTF?

    The rip is not on the legs though its on the front part, I am 102lbs size 25 but I felt like the biggest fattest person when the jeans ripped right in that area :confused1:

    I did wear them another time because you cant see skin through, but havent since. I havent throw them out b/c they were so expensive and I feel guilty.

    Any suggestions for this?
  13. make them into a skirt!
    i promise its not as dificult as it sounds. open up the seems of the inside leg. lay them flat and you will be left with an open triangle where the fabric doesnt meet. fill the gap with the fabric from below the rip and sew them up.
  14. Nope, you're definitely not the only one - if you go onto the different jeans forums R&R tend to rip a lot! It's a shame because they are so pricey, but the denim is so thin it's bound to happen. I used to have four pairs and I guess I'm lucky because I never had any tear problems. But there are so many others who have had; now I try to stick with other brands.
  15. Wow!! I'm sort of glad to hear I'm not the only one who's had R&R's rip on them. Mine ripped after about 3 years of use - right under a butt cheek too. Good thing it happened at home....talk about embarassing!