<Gasp> I went to a purse party <Gasp>

  1. So this friend drags me along. Tells me "oooh they have Coach, Dooneys, Fendis, etc at discount prices". I had never heard of a purse party before. YUCK! When I get there I quickly see what is going on and that they are all F.A.K.E.S. :shocked: They were selling them for $80 and up. Mostly up. For PLEATHER!!! These women were snagging them up like , ugh, I just dont know. I am at a loss for words. I found out later that the supplier made $3000.00 on purses just at that one party. There were only about 50 women there. I also found at that the supplier goes to New York to get the bags and pays about $30 for them. :cursing: One of the hostesses noticed my scribble satchel and asked where I got it and when I told her the boutique she turned her nose up!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRGGGHHHH

    Sorry, I feel a little tiny bit better now.

    I am editing this to add that all of these bags were sold with their "appropriate" hang tags and "original manufacturer tags" and they were being passed off as the real thing. Did these ladies REALLY believe they were getting authentic bags? Could they not feel them and tell they were pleather?? Or did they just not care? Or a mixture of both? Most of them were probably 20 and 30 somethings.
  2. dont get me started on the parties! my friend still deosnt understand why i spend $200 and up on coach when she gets them for $50....hers are fake fake ugly, cheaply made falling apart,as mine are good quality always will be, i have the satisfaction on KNOWING mine is real.....grrrr, you should if turned your nose right back up at her! :p
  3. Eeek!
    Don't get me started on counterfeits[aka crap]!!
  4. I was offered to join one of those parties once.
    I'd rather not watch those bags in pain.
  5. i went to an exact same 'party' ...except myself and a friend held nothing back - openly asking in front of everyone where she gets these, and is it legal to sell fakes like this? where and how do you get the tags? do you sell a lot of them? do people know they are fake? etc. etc. etc...of course it was another very good friend of ours that was hosting the party (actually had 2 other parties going on in the same house - a wine tasting and a food party as well) so I didn't feel uncomfortable about being a 'loud mouth' so to speak. The woman tried saying ...well, some of them are real, and some are fake...whatever - we called her out on that too. She sold 1 bag, a plastic prada rip off to the host's mom ( I think she felt bad and just bought it because of that!). So ridiculous.

    Some of them were SO ugly, I remember a little cloth "coach" coin purse that was so misshapen with terrible crooked C's, my friend and I actually joked to each other "awwww...look how sad - I feel so bad for this one!"
  6. :throwup: That's just plain SICK!
  7. There are only two choices really:

    A.) The women buying them know that they're fake and just don't care.

    B.) The women buying them think that they're real.

    If the answer is B, then how do the women think this person is getting these bags to sell to them? Answer? They're way too cheap for any employee discount, so what's left? They're stolen. These women must think they're getting authentic, stolen, bags.

    The whole thing is wrong.
  8. I once got invited to one of these. The woman said "they are great knock offs of LV, Coach, Prada, etc. They even have the tags". So I said "can I bring my husband, the federal law enforcement cop"? She replied "uh, no we don't want to get busted".
  9. HAHA! I bet that woman felt like an idiot. I'm yet to come across one of these, but it's just so revolting to know that they exist. It's like the other day I was whinging to my friends about this site I had found that sold all these "mirror replicas" (I stumbled across it when I was trying to find a colour of a Mulberry bag) and I was saying how they actually looked real - there were slight differences, but the hardware and stuff were identical to mine. My friends replied saying "oh they sound good... what site was it?":wtf:
  10. why can't purse party mean everyone bring things that they dont' use anymore to sell/ trade? jesus christ, i'd SO have spoken up! GOOD to those who did! imma keep my ears open for one of these parties so i can crash it with every REAL purse i own on my roommates and my arms!
  11. So many of these women really think they are real... and I'm so sorry that's really sad. I watch people walk around all day with the fake purses and it's just sad. I wonder if they know or if they care...I live in a town with 3 Coach outlets and they still carry fakes.
  12. I know what you mean. I don't understand why people choose to drop a lot of money (couple of hundred) on a "high quality, mirror image copy" when alot of bags sell relatively cheaply on eBay. For instance, I saw an auth speedy sell for about $170US or some the other day. It just doesn't make sense.
  13. My theory is that most of these women are just uneducated, in a purse-knowlege manner of speaking. They're either too intimidated by the brand to do their own research into owning a real one, or have no idea of the actual retail value of authentic pieces. Maybe $80 is a lot of money to them, so it must be real if their everyday stuff came from Wal-Mart for $15.
  14. If these women knew the circumstances under which these bags were made, they might change their minds. Or at least I hope so. Counterfeits are wrong for so many reasons. Personally, I don't want to carry anything fake, much less an item that was most likely sewn together with child labor and supporting terrorism activities. Sigh ...
  15. So sorry you had to witness such a horror! I don't think I could bring myself to go near one of those parties... everytime I hear about one through a friend, they get a nice big lecture!!!