GASP! I just fell in love with a Juicy bag!

  1. OMG, how did this happen? Forgive me if you hate this! I have never given Juicy Couture a second look, but I stumbled upon this:

    I love it! Sure, it's made out of yarn (thank gosh for the quilted lining) and would be very fragile, but it's HUGE and looks so dang FUN. I totally want it, and even showed it to 'Santa' last night when he came into my office. He smiled wistfully. ::::tingles:::: This may be my new desktop background soon!
  2. I saw that one the other day. I love it too! My daughter (huge Juicy fan) hates it. It reminds me of Ferragamo.
  3. I love it, looks really unique
  4. It looks really unique. :heart: it.
  5. That's a lovely bag!
  6. That really is cute!
  7. Cute! I like Juicy bags!
  8. I saw this at Von Maur last night. Totally cute! My luck, I'd snag it on something and it would be all over.:rolleyes:
  9. I love it also, but it looks to be a little to fragile for me.
  10. lol...i fell in love with a juicy bag last year after i saw it in the Fall NM catalog - it's purple suede with silver hardware and it's just GORGEOUS!!! and the best part, you could never tell it was juicy!! since then i don't see many i like, they're generally too over the top for me...but if you love it, what's the difference who makes it?
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