GASP! and Thanks... 1st LV Mishap

  1. So yesterday my boss and I decided we would make today a jeans day since over half the people in our group were going to be out. So... I wore a brand new pair of jeans and my new popincourt haut. I don't think I need to tell you what happened. When I was leaving work, I noticed that there was blue on the vachetta where it was rubbing my leg. :cursing:

    Based on advice I read here, I picked up some fragrance-free, alcohol-free baby wipes. And well, it's barely noticeable now.:sweatdrop:

  2. Oh I bet that was super scary!!!
    Glad it is almost gone now though!
  3. phew close call I'm glad it worked ok
  4. Oh wow.
  5. Oh no, poor LV.:sad: Glad the babywipes helped though.
  6. Thanks for telling! Now we know other stains that baby wipes can battle. They honestly seem like miracle workers now.. not only taking out water and dirt stains, but even grease and denim transfer. :biggrin:
  7. I would have CRIED!!!! You handled it well!
  8. oh, two brand new items?? and especially those jeans? Yeah, i'm a jeans addict (designer) and sometimes those puppies can give a big headache. So sorry to hear that you almost got a heart attack! i could totally imagine what happened too becuase i've gotten some discoloration on one of my coach bags before and totally flipped. But i'll be sure to keep in mind that those baby wipes worked. thanks for sharing your story.
  9. that's great! :biggrin:
  10. did ur heart beat a million times faster???/?
  11. :push: sorry about that!
    :p but glad the baby wipes worked!!!
  12. That happened to me too! I'm glad it worked for you, and with patina it'll be less noticeable as well.
  13. Just wondering if you were to wash the jeans first would you still get denim transfer? I am definitely more cautious now with my lighter bags.
  14. I am so glad you were able to fix it.
  15. Phew, I'm glad it's better now. Was worried there from the title.