Gas prices

  1. Gas is so expensive now!!! Going for $4.50 is some parts of the country and people are paying.

    My poor wallet :cry: :cry: :cry:
  2. yah, it's crazy. Good thing i'm driving a corolla, and it's gas efficient. It hasn't crossed $4 in my area yet. Let's hope that it won't.
  3. Eek! $4! I've seen it hit $3 plus here, but fortunately, haven't had to drive around too much.
  4. Paid $2.95 for regular this morning, $33.60 total to fill up. And I drive a fuel efficient car! :suspiciou The bf drives an Explorer, we end up taking my car everywhere instead.
  5. some places around here were selling for $4 right after katrina hit (there's a direct pipeline from the gulf to georgia, and that's where we get a lot of our gas). for regular it's been $2.80ish lately.
  6. lol i paid less per gallon and only filled up 3/4 of my tank and paid $54 earlier this afternoon.

    i still stand by my SUV, though! i love her!
  7. Up in Canada its around $1.09 and I drive a Honday so it's costing me around $40.00 now for an empty tank if half it's about $30. But I heard that this summer it's going to be at $1.50. It sucks but what can u do.
  8. Hi Christina...Every time I've gone up to Orlando gas has always been about 10 cents cheaper than where I am. Today in my area it's going between $2.85/9 to 3.01/9
    I took out my old Firebird today and literally let the car rolled around.:sad2:
  9. Wow $5! That's a killer. I remember the days when it was $0.99. What the heck is happening? There has to be something they can do to stop the price gauging. It's going to be ridiculous by summertime. Already close to $3 where I am and I'm sick over it!
  10. It was 2.899 for regular here outside Boston this morning. I drive a Jetta and it took $37 to fill my tank. Of course I was beyond empty with the gas light on :amuse:
  11. I would really love the gas prices to drop, I remember when I first got my car (5 years ago)it took like $17 to fill-er-up... this morning gas was 3.05, so it took about $33... thats just crazy
  12. I agree. I so miss NYC right now when I never needed a car for ANYTHING!!
  13. Hi Lorri :biggrin:

    I do agree that gas is cheaper here in Orlando than on the coast. I was in Stuart this weekend and filled up, paid over $3.00 a gallon :suspiciou
  14. Upstate NY is at 3.05 per gallon this afternoon.
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