Garrigue and Jarossay?

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  1. Anyone familiar with this brand? I came across them in Paris!
    The name is a mouthful..
    I look for new aspiring designers with interesting never know..who they may become??? They have some interesting designs!

    Let me know..
  2. Oh! I read an article about them in WWD about a year ago. It seems like such an interesting brand... Let me see if I can scrounge up the article later.

    I was searching on the net for some of their bags a while ago, and saved these pics on my computer... The bags have very interesting detailing, the embroidery looks like dots from afar.

    Did you get one of these bags? What are they like IRL?
    Garrigue & Jarossay.jpg Garrigue & Jarossay 2.jpg
  3. They are a young company, but doing amazing. I worked with them for few seasons and the bags are just beautiful.
  4. Those bags are super cute.
  5. I've seen that white one on Delfino NY website. It is very cute.
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