Garrance Leather?

  1. Rouge Garance is a color and I THINK the one you're looking at is Vache could also be Epsom but the price point is rather high which indicates VL instead....
  2. Shopmom, your second guess is correct. Jemznjewel's bag is Rouge Garance in Epsom; the price is just inflated! :smile: Pampered, you are correct, there is no such thing as Garance leather; just the color.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I thought it looked a little like epsom but it seemed strange that she would describe epsom leather as textured but soft and smooth.
  4. ^ that IS strange. When I think of Epsom, I think slick and slightly textured but soft doesn't usually come to mind.
    I love that color!
  5. Weeeee! I thought it was one of the two leathers......that's pretty high for Epsom, isn't it?
  6. ^ yeah, good ole resale market! hehe
  7. [​IMG]

    The colour looks so different from the RG Epsom birkin I saw in person.
  8. I never understand why epsom gets marked up so much by resellers when isn't epsom one of the less expensive options at the boutique?
  9. double posting
  10. well we have to ask jewelz what she means by the new garrance leather:smile:
  11. is it now garance or garrance?
  12. ^^ hkloosterman