Garnier Fructis hair care?

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  1. I love trying different products and I'm constantly switching things around - particularly when it comes to haircare. Lately I have been using Biolage Hydratherapie line, and I've also had good luck with L'Oreal Everpure.

    Last night I saw a commercial for Garnier Fructis Color Shield, and I'm interested in trying it. I've used Garnier hair color & some of their styling products (LOVE the Brilliantine shine pomade when I have a pixie cut) with good results.

    Would love to hear if anyone has used the Color Shield line, or any other Garnier hair products and what your opinions are. My hair tends to be coarse, thick and fairly dry. I color and heat style.

  2. Fructis worked great for years, alternating Pantene and Tresemme. But I found after I coloured my hair and it grew so long, Fructis isn't moisturizing enough. I might try their Colour line, I haven't yet....
  3. Honestly, I only tried Fructis because I was in the shampoo aisle and the damn bottle was so bright and happy that it just lured me in. It made my hair SO greasy though, I couldn't use it anymore. My SO uses it though ;) He likes it!
  4. love the fructics shampoos. . . the smell,mmmhhh! but you have to find the right one for your hair condition otherwise it can make your hair greasy or dry like every other cheap or expensive shampoo that is not matching your hair.
  5. I liked the Fructis 3 Minute Deep conditioner - its was a staple and very moisturizing.

    Then it was discontinued. :sad:
  6. I use Garnier. I like it alot and I use the colour system ^^
  7. I swear by the Triple Nutrition Conditioner (in the darker green bottle). All though if you have fine hair, or if it doesnt like oils (my hair looooves oils) then it would most likely be too heavy.
  8. my experience with it was just okay. not amazing, but not bad either. i like the way their products smell....its decent. but if you have high matienance hair like me, it isn't moisturizing enough. but i do love the smell, so i use it when im going to be putting my hair up that day, but not as an everyday product. Lol.
  9. Hmm... thanks for the reviews, ladies! I've tried their "sleek" line before, but found it weighed my hair down and also stripped my color. My hair is fairly high maintenance as well, so this line may not be for me.

    I'm interested in L'Oreal's new Everstrong line - I've used Everpure with pretty good results, but these look to be more moisturizing.