Garnet ? - Trying to Find a Needle in a Haystack

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  1. I'm on a desperate hunt for a medium gunmetal gray patent Garnet. The Coach style number is 13926. It's impossible to find at an outlet, so I'm prepared to embark upon a phone call marathon to various Macy's stores. Does anyone happen to know the Macy's SKU number for this bag?? There are times when I've talked to Macy's Coach SAs that really know the line, but more often than not, they want the Macy's number.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. ^^ I missed out the first time they came to the outlets (around Thanksgiving) and I seriuosly called EVERY outlet. I found mine at an outlet an hour and half away randomly calling one day the beginning of February. I've been looking for it since. I'm not sure about the Macy's SKU number, can they not look it up for you by style number?

    There are two large ones listed on ebay. Are you looking for the smaller version?

    Good luck :smile:
  3. Thanks for the info! Yes, I'm looking for the smaller one, it measures about 15.5 inches across the bottom of the bag. There were 2 on eBay within the last 2 weeks and I lost out on winning both! The easiest way for Macy's to look it up is by their own SKU number. However, if the SA is very knowledgeable about Coach, they can usually find it other ways. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find very knowledgeable SAs. I've tried 4 different outlets around me, the furthest ones being two hours away, and I haven't had any luck. I've been told by a few that this color and size never made it to the outlets, but I believe a TPFer did find one. It may have been a return though.