Garnet Question

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  1. Hi, for those of you who own it, how do you like it? Pros/cons? I did not like it initially but I am bitten by the garnet bug :smile: Any help will be appreciated. Also I'm not sure where to find it either...
  2. I haven't gotten mine yet, but I did just buy a large purple garnet off of ebay.

    I believe the only place to find this bag now is at an outlet, ebay or bonanzle. I will let you know how I like the bag when I get it! I think one pro will probably be the middle zipper compartment. I LOVE those!
  3. I've got 3 and love, love, love them! (obviously since I have 3, LOL!) Black, Mahogany, and Dark Berry all in large. I've been using the black for weeks now and can't seem to switch out. The only problem I have with them is that they feel more akward and heavy to carry when I pack them full, than my large Zoes do, due to their different style. I load my purses with tons of stuff so that's probably my fault anyway. Even though they get too heavy to carry on my shoulder, I suck it up and just hand or arm crook carry them cuz they are SO worth it. I love the shape, it's so elegant. Highly recommend getting one! They had gone down to clearance at the outlet to only $140 for the large leather. I haven't seen any at the outlets in the last few weeks, so probably eBay or Bonanzle is your best bet.
  4. I got the Ella (XL Garnet with pockets in the front) and I LOVE her. I like the divider in the middle because it keeps my purse organized. If you have a chance to, I'd say definitely get one! It's classy enough for a nice night out, but it has a casual side to it to. And it completely seals closed with the turn-lock, which helps to protect your stuff if you live in a climate with lots of rain and snow like I do.
  5. I was in the exact boat as you - kinda "eh" when they first came out, but a pretty one at an outlet price tempted me, and now I love it. I have the medium in berry and it holds a ton without looking bulky, plus it is very user-friendly to carry and use day-to-day. Recommend!
  6. Thanks ladies, one of the reasons I started liking garnet is beacause of the center pocket. I find it very convenient. What sizes does garnet come in?
  7. I have been wanting one wondering if it will be too big for me....Audrey is too big for me...are they similiar sized? I know the only one that might work for me is the smallest one...I think its the medium size??
    I want the gray or the dark berry...what color are you wanting??
  8. mysweetgirl, I have been looking at the smallest size also, I was hoping for black or brown color. I missed them when they were at outlet...
  9. Yah I did too....I saw siggy ones but that wasn't what I really wanted and silly me I should of taken the time to try the bag on and see if I liked the size when I had the chance, but every time I was there and saw them the place was a zoo!! :smile:
    Good luck with your search!! :smile:
  10. I know what you mean mysweetgirl. I didn't try the siggy ones either thinking that I don't like them and now I regret that.
  11. I love my Garnets - have black and brown leather. I switched out of my black one cause I get bored using the same bag for too long, but its still one of my all-time favorite Coach bags. I have the large, and its a great size, love the shape - ladylike yet cool all at the same time, and the leather is just amazing. I got both of mine at the outlet and I know these bags are a permanent part of my collection, which I cant say about many of my bags! I get alot of boutique bags when I can find them at the outlet, love them and use them, then sell them to fund new bags, but Garnets will remain - they are Coach at its best, imo.
  12. Garnet is one of those bags that looks better on than on the shelf. KWIM?? Kinda like a dress you see on a hanger... you think, "nah, that won't look good on me." But then you try it on and BAM! It's the one.

    I have the black large and rust chain XL. Love them both.
    I'm also one of those believers that say the shape of the bag can make your shape look better. Garnet has the structured angular shape but it's still feminine and not slouchy or round.
  13. Try looking at Macy's, Dillards, Nordies, ect. in their clearance. All the outlets I checked were out of them- unless they get a return. I have 3 of the large and love them! I have the purple(Macy's), anthracite(PCE from FP) and berry(outlet), all of them leather.
  14. I literally have all of the leather garnets (except the patent cobalt). I have:
    I LOVE them, and they're so comfortable.

    Apparently, all the outlets are out. Potomac Mills had one gold patent one left on Saturday. Best bet would be a department store
  15. I just got another one today from my outlet in NJ. They had only two, one medium in black leather! Keep your eyes out, maybe they will come around from returns