Garnet or Sabrina as a satchel?

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Garnet or Sabrina?

  1. Garnet

  2. Sabrina

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I wondered now that there are so many Garnets and Sabrinas out there, if any of you have developed a strong preference of one over the other as a satchel. I'm debating which to get and can't seem to decide. Thanks in advance for the input ladies!!
  2. Personally I like the Sabrinas over the Garnets.
  3. Sabrina is a satchel bag more than the garnet
  4. I'm not a Garnet fan =) So I voted Sabrina
  5. I have and love both bags, but I say if you want to carry as a satchel, get the Sabrina.
  6. Sabrina!!!
  7. Another vote for Sabrina!
  8. I am not a Garnet fan at all, so I'm voting Sabrina! No offense to anyone, 'cause beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we all behold differently, but I think Garnet looks like an old lady handbag. I think it's because my beloved grandma (may she rest in eternal peace) carried a very similar bag for years and years.

    Now, I'm sure you could perk her up with a hip scarf and cute fob, and I would look at Garnet in a totally different light.
  9. I have both the Sabrina and the Garnet!!!
    They are both nice but for a satchel type - Sabrina wins!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:

  10. hmmm if grandma could rock the chain garnet that would be awesome I like them both really :O)
  11. I'm all for the sabrina over the garnet, I have a small sabrina but it's a little tight.
  12. [​IMG]

  13. oops forgot to say as a satchel i would lean more towards sabrina
  14. I carry both as satchels in the small/med size. Love both styles!
  15. Personally, I'd go with Sabrina.

    I think the Garnet is really restricting as far as wearability. She's dressy. Best for business attire or dressy casual. Whereas Sabrina is pretty transitional. You can look great in jeans and a tee-shirt or a business suit with her, you can throw on a pair of lounge-sweats and look adorable at the grocery store...she is very go-with-the-flow as far as bags are concerned.