Garnet in ivy... really? hm....

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  1. DO they only make the ivy and purple garnets in medium? I have a chance to get the medium ivy for $165 (tax included) at my outlet, as the last one, but it's hard to get myself pumped up to pay that for her as I've bought the large garnets for so much lower with the 20%. :nuts:

    Over the past month (well, okay, three months)... I've bought and LOVED all my garnets (sorry, I still have yet to post a pic in the Garnet club.. but will soon). I have:
    - XL grey texturized garnet with chain
    - XL rust texturized garent with chain
    - XL grey croc embossed ELLA :graucho:
    - LG black leather garnet
    - LG dark berry leather garnet
    - LG maghogany leather garnet
    - LG anthracite patent leather garnet :yahoo:(took me forever to find)
    - LG antiuqe gold patent leather garnet (still contemplating)

    Yeah, so basically, you can tell this is one of my favorite styles. And I'm crazy, I know :biggrin:.

    Maybe I won't get the green garnet, though I've been thinking about this one and the purple garnet for a bit. Sorry for rambling.

    Ladies (and gents) - can I pick your brain? :graucho:
  2. I do not know but man you are the Garnet Queen:queen:
  3. They did make large in purple, but I was told only certain places had them? It is my GOAL to get one! I'm not sure about the green one though, sorry.

    I am DYING for a garnet, and it looks like you have enough to spare, care to share? HAHA. Can't wait to see a picture!
  4. Ivy was made in both sizes.
  5. You are lucky girl! I've been looking for a regular size garnet forever! My outlet never got them, I say go for it!
  6. and I thought I had been bad with the garnets lately (3).......................
  7. HI,
    You love Garnets!!!! I have the small Ivy Garnet! I love the color and she is very nice!!! I paid FP for mine at Nordstrom!!! So, if you can get her cheaper at th outlet, I would!!!!
    Congrats on all the Garnets!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. I have a confession - I use my small mahogony garnet almost daily now that it's WINTER and she's starting to show leather wear in the corners. I'm HEARTBROKEN....cuz I LOVE LOVE LOVE the style. I want the pink spectator for summer, but now that I'm seeing wear so soon (she's only a month old). Anybody else see this??
  9. I just got the ivy garnet in medium and I love it! But the large was too big for me and the medium was just perfect. You have a few already in XL and Large so why not add a Medium to your collection? Totally worth it!
  10. WOW. Just WOW. And WOW! I can't wait to see the family photo!!

    Anthracite Garnet :faint:

    I second Coach Addict: you ARE the Garnet Queen!!
  11. yupp i own the medium ivy garnet and i think i have a pic of her and i did a reveal too. i posted the pics in my album i think if you wana look. i absolutely LOVE this bag, i would say get it, i was told the one that i bought was one of two that made it to lancaster, so very very few of these bags ever made it to the outlet.
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