garnet hill????

  1. Is there a garnet hill code out there anywhere???? trying to buy gifts for all the teachers i work with! any help would be soooo appreciated!
  2. Try these, not sure if they will work as stated, saw them on a coupon forum that didnt tell the expiration date.

    use promotional code ENT for $10 off $50
    or ENT for $50 off $250

    P6KS122 for $20 off $100 or more
  3. your wonderful juicy! thank you!
  4. ABACHOPE--Off topic I know (move if you need to) but since you work with teachers could you give me some ideas on what gifts teachers like? I'm at a loss as to what to give to my son's kindergarten teacher and my daughter's preschool teacher. I love the stuff at Garnet Hill (especially their pjs) but that's a bit of a personal gift.