Garnet DAY vs. Ink DAY, which one should i get??

  1. Guys~~HELPS, please:cry: !!im torn between those two colors, which one should i get????? i've already have a teal first, an origan city~:yes: im 5'8'',wear a lota jeans.
  2. garnet!!!! It looks amazing!
  3. I've heard ink is beautiful. A lot of the girls are in love with it. Maybe you should check that one first.
  4. i loooooooooove the ink, it's such a unique color. plus, they're getting harder to find now. get the ink now, if you still want the grenat later, you have a lot of time to still get it.
  5. G.A.R.N.E.T. :heart:
  6. yeppers, although i adore both colors, i'd go for ink if you can!!!
  7. Love, love, love the ink :heart: :heart: :heart: and you may never be able to get a color like that again. My vote, Ink!
  8. thanks guys!!! just wondering if anyone here can post some pics of the ink day???hehe~
  9. garnet is oxblood/grenat, right? bb10lue, i think since you already have a blue shade (teal)... why not go for the grenat? it would look really fab with jeans.
  10. I'd go for the grenat :love: !!!
  11. :yes: I vote for grenat too.
  12. Grenat!!! It's such a gorgeous color! :love:
  13. BB, I vote for the ink! As you know I have the ink Purse and the colour is just amazing in person! In the sun, it's a beautiful purply shade and in low-lighting, it's a dark, almost black colour with subtle purple thru'out. You will love it. Ink is just one of those colours that is really special and different and you'd appreciate so much more IRL. HTH!!!
  14. Ink!
  15. Garnet all the way!