Garnet Chloe just this moment arrived


bizzy making jools
Jan 17, 2006
Thought I'd share. I wanted this exact bag for so long and when it popped up on Bluefly I had NO time to think about it and just had to go for it.

I even tried to cancel but it was too late. I wanted to hate it.
Mostly because Bluefly isn't exactly a bargain and I've been indulging myself bag-wise a lot (and have one more I need...sigh). Anyway, it's here and it's quite busy which is what I love about it. And it's looking at me. :love:

Color is divine deep red. Leather is a mix, predominantly thick and not at all like my Paddy. Lots of character. Softer sides and trim. I'm strongly leaning towards keeping. *sigh*

How do I rationalize this? Hmmm...gorgeous? Among last of Phoebe Philo's beauties? 20% off retail? Have no other bag in this color? It's LOOKING at me? :lol:
I love this style bag; I think it is gorgeous and hope that you keep it. :biggrin:

BTW: please post Chloe threads in Chloe forum - I moved it here. :biggrin: