Gardening for Honeybees

  1. In the summer during a garden party, my friend and I went a bit walkabout on a neighbouring beekeepers invite. After a few drinks I was a bit emboldened tbh:tispy:and approached the hives with the guys wife shouting "Whatever you do, don't breathe on them!" (they're attracted to CO2 bigtime apparently). Anyway, this old guy told me and showed me all about the bees, and I was able to tell him that his bees liked my back wall to bask on in the sun late afternoon. :smile: Loving the bees....!

  2. :love: Thats great!
  3. I love bees, & I really love honey! most of the plants in my garden are native, but usually I see wasps rather than bees (they love the flowers on my beauty berry bush particularly). I'll have to look up our bee plants here so I can plant some. I bought a butterfly bush recently, but since it's not native, I'm not sure which creatures here will like it.
  4. Got buzzed in the yard yesterday while working on something. Looked up and it was a honeybee with both legs loaded. Several trees around here are already in bloom, so the little sucker wasn't wasting any time.
  5. These are for CB. Peach tree blossoms opened up today.



  6. :love: :love:

    Thanks Echoes!!! :tup:

    Those look like happy bees!

    thanks for posting those :heart:
  7. Standing in one place, I could watch about 10 or so flitting around, but I could only get one in each shot.
  8. That is so cool Echoes, and so nice of you to post!

    I planted bare root apple trees and they blossomed during wet weather and did not get pollinated.

    I hope you get lots of yummy peaches :heart:
  9. I've got so many flowering trees, I can't keep track.

    Something with a zillion small white flowers and big, sharp thorns. Those trees grow 20-30' tall. Bees everywhere when in bloom.

    I planted what was supposed to be an apricot tree about 7 or 8 years ago. It has never bloomed --- until this year. I don't know if it will fruit or not.

    I also have a couple of apple trees that have never bloomed so far.

    Then there's a hybrid willow that has some sort of a bloom that's hard to describe. It almost looks like wheat (picture below). That tree is probably 20' tall and is just buzzing madly with a few different types of bees right now.
  10. Wow, that sounds amazing, Echoes! I love flowering trees. This willow you posted looks so beautiful. WOW! thanks for posting that, I wonder what it is...??

    I think apricots are really particular in terms of weather, if it is too warm they wont set fruit, I believe.

    The honeybees must all be waggle dancing directions to your yard, for sure! :love:

  11. Dang the pictures are gone! Or maybe it's just me?
  12. I can still see them, poopsie... do you have a firewall?
  13. Over active today. Moving too quick to get a good pictures. Tree is called a Redbud and blooms like crazy for about a week. There are so many bees, you can hear them buzzing from about 20'-30' away. When you walk up to the tree, they don't even notice you they're so busy. In the one shot from farther away, there's probably 50 or more at work.
    Bee4.jpg Bee5.jpg Tree7.jpg
  14. Oh my goodness. that is amazing. is that a fruit tree, Echoes?
  15. I have seen those on bee lists, hopefully they will be attracted to it.