Gardening Clothes!

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  1. I've been seeing commercials for Duluth Trading on DIY network and I thought the commercials were cute. They sell mostly heavy duty men's clothing.

    Then they showed a commercial that had a woman in it, so I went to their web site to check it out. I want the shirts even though I have no use for them! Very high-tech, and really cute marketing.

    The web site is funny too:

    Makes me want to become a farmer. :P

    Does anyone here wear fancy gardening clothes?
  2. I usually wear my worst clothes to work outside. Typically a paid of Gramicci pants (cotton climbing pants) that I got many years ago when my Mom worked at REI. Depending on how warm it is, on top I wear either an old tank top, old T-shirt, or old flannel shirt. Possibly even all three if it is chilly. I don't wear nice or pretty things I care about because I usually get filthy. Dirt on my knees and butt from kneeling and sitting. Dirt or vegetation stains on the shirt. I even get dirt on my socks. In the summer when it is really hot and I know I need to be outside working, I'll wear a spaghetti strap tank top with a cotton or linen men's shirt I got from the secondhand store. Keeps me from getting sun burnt.
  3. I am with you K2...

    I wear the junkiest things ever. I also bought a couple pair of sale chefs pants, they are super comfy for gardening and have big pockets.
  4. I've heard good things about Duluth Trading Co's clothing. I've never ordered from them though as the prices seem high.

    I buy sun-blocking hats from LL.Bean. Consumer Reports tested sun-blocking clothing from a variety of retailers a few years ago and concluded that the ray-blocking garments from Bean and Land's End were the most effective. They also discovered that the advertised sun-blocking capabilities of many retailers' clothing was totally ineffective.

    Besides a sun-blocking hat I just wear old T-shirts and jeans. I've considered trying one of those shirts with sweat-wicking fabric, however the ones I've looked at come with tags that say to keep away from heat and the dryer and I just know I'll forget and toss them in the dryer.

    My faithful old gardening boots are almost shot. I've considered buying a new pair of steel-toed boots, but they all look so nice (and expensive) and I'd hate to see them get mucked up in the mud.
  5. I use Muck Boot brand clogs in the garden....
  6. I have really old hiking boots that I use for yard work. They are so disgusting that they stay in the garage. They are still in good shape structurally though.
  7. Good to know I'm not alone. Some days I wish I had cute gardening clothes especially when neighbours stop by to chat and I'm kitted out in a baggy old tee and pants from my uni days. But then why bother when I'm just going to get dirt and grass stains on everything.
  8. As long as my butt crack isn't showing I'm happy wearing whatever.
  9. As soon as I saw the title of this thread I immediately thought of those commercials :lol: