or craft? Or both?

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  1. I love gardening...I just moved into a new house and I am outside digging in the dirt almost every day. I am constantly planting and moving things around. Even in my apartments, I had every square inch of outside space filled with plants and flowers.

    I still have a lot of yard space left to do things with. Anyone have any unique things that they have done in their own yards? I will begin posting pictures once I get my home computer up and running...
  2. I haven't done anything unique in my garden (too lazy and I hate bugs!). I do love pretty away!
  3. i want to plant a garden SOOOO bad. i just can't get myself motivated enough to use my free time to do it. and i hate being outside in the heat...

    i always love looking at the garden art and sculptures...
  4. I am a renter now (so don't have much space)... but I love to garden!! I would have to say it's both art and craft! I have had a nice flower garden (annuals and perennials) as well as a hot pepper garden with tomato plants to make homemade salsa! I think I have some pics I can post -- of course this time of year the garden is ... well... frozen.
  5. Definitely both! I love to garden, but now I'm in a city house, in a whole different country, with a garden the size of a blanket, my knowledge is zilch. Nothing grows, so I've gone the Zen garden routhe ;)
    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!!
  6. Yes, it is both! I have slacked off a bit on my flower beds, but I like doing it. My flower beds need to be weeded right now and some new annuals planted. I would like to try to grow some veggies and wonder if they'd grow for me. I grow my own herbs and they grow pretty well.

    I don't know, I like landscaping on the whole, even cutting the grass. It's fun to get your hands dirty and be able to say, "I did that" as your plants/flowers grow. Plus, it is a great way to personalize and update the outside of a home!
  7. When I have has small spaces, I would love making container gardens. They come out so pretty and you can mix and match all kinds of flower pots.
  8. Container gardening is even really nice for the entrance of a house or on the back deck to set an nice mood. Don't you love shopping for the containers!!
  9. Since we moved to Florida, we don't have a garden. But, our garden in Michigan was beautiful. It had a three-foot fence all the way around with marigolds planted, and a really neat garden fence with a trellis that had morning glories on it. We loved it. Then we moved here, and having a garden in our subdivision is just impossible. But, I have planted a teeny weeny herb garden in pots that has served us well. At least I can get fresh basil, oregano, mint, sage and chives when I need them.
  10. I think gardening is definitely both! I love to garden and wish I had a bigger yard to use as my canvas if you know what I mean! I plant mostly herbs and tomatoes, that kind of thing but it's definitely a fine art and takes talent to craft!!!
  11. I just wish I had my mom's talent. She can plant a broomstick and have a tree in a month. I don't know how she does it.
  12. Natalie, this is a great topic. You can get really crafty here. It is also a great way to recycle fabulous interior sculptural pieces. I have had three friends that put rod iron headboards and footboards in their gardens and made them into flower"beds" I knew someone else that had an old claw foot tub filled with flowers in her front yard ~~~ she had an old porcelain toilet next to it, too. She had a huge property so only guests really noticed these accesssories.
    I read about a lady who loved to garden and the city installed a firehydrant in her front yard. She was furious. I really ruined the aesthetics of her garden.
    So she hired an artist that created a dog topiary with its hind leg poised over the hydrant. Problem solved!!!!!!

    Great topic!!!!
    Years ago I saw at a craft show these really great teacups and saucers on sticks to place in your garden. I made them and a matching tin teapot that was slightly tilted as if it were being poured. Well the teacups are gone now but the tin teapot has turned into a planter. I will take pic's after the plants look a little better! Last week cental Florida suffered a horrible freeze. :sad:
  13. Here is an example of the Flower"Bed".......

  14. Definitely both! OMG gondola girl that reminds me of a neighbor we used to live by... they had this old toilet that they used as a planter in their front yard... at first you think, "a toilet!? wtf!?" but it actually was soooooooo cute lol!