1. Does anyone have an '07 Legacy shoulder bag in Gardenia?? Since the search feature is back (YAY!) :smile:I have been searching tpf for over an hour now (i would really like to buy this bag) and have found only one pic of the '07 bag in this color. :cursing:The pic is alright but the color is kind of distorted because of the lighting...I have also pmed her for another pic but she has not gotten back to me. If someone is able to help I would really appreciate it. :flowers:Thanks in advance!!
  2. I'm guessing not many people have the '07 legacy shoulder bag in my next question is can anyone help me find it on the drilldown? I know how to search the bag but i'm not sure how to change the color. If anyone has some advice that would be wonderful! thanks!
  3. Sorry I can't help out! The drilldown only brings up the bag in specific colors that I know of. :shrugs: Have you tried eBay to see some pics on there? GL! :tup:
  4. Thats alright, I have been trying eBay for a while and nothing comes up in the that color (not even the Leigh and I know a lot of people have gotten her in that color). Thanks for your input! :tup: