Gardenia, Citron or Whiskey


What color Leigh

  1. Citron

  2. Whiskey

  3. Gardenia

  4. Something else..

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  1. Hi All -

    I was a Coach lover for years, moved to LV, Chloe, Prada and now I am loving the Leigh!! I just can't decide between Gardenia, Citron and Whiskey... so what do you think and why!

    Many thanks!!
  2. My vote is for Whiskey since it's such a versatile color and it's really pretty.
  3. I vote for the black leather! I saw it tonight IRL...droolalicious!
  4. you got my vote for whiskey ;) i love that amazing color!
  5. I just don't like this bag in Whiskey. I love the whiskey color, and own an Ali in it, and will be buying Lily in it as soon as I can afford to.

    That being said, I feel like whiskey is a vintage-y color and I don't think Leigh is a vintage-y style. It's very modern to me, so I feel like it should be in a modern color.

    I'd say citron if you like it. I don't even like that color, but somehow it seems to really fit the bag. If you don't like citron, I'd say black or gardenia (though I'd be paranoid with gardenia because of it's lightness.)

    Too bad Leigh doesn't come in Clay or Atlantic or some other gorgeous blue shade (in the leather anyway). They'd be goooooooorgeous.
  6. ^^WOW! You guys are the best! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I just posted this and already have feedback!

    I agree about the worries about gardenia (but I love it!) and I love whiskey too. I hadn't thought about black (thanks, pursegrrl) and I don't have a black bag. I will probably buy it on Tuesday -- I moved and don't live near Coach anymore. :crybaby:

    Thanks so much!! Keep the responses coming --I really appreciate it!
  7. I voted for whiskey. Its a classic, goes with everything, year-round color. I have the whiskey Ali and LOVE HER!!
  8. I say get gardenia. I have a thing for white bags. ;)
  9. They're all nice colors... but I think gardenia would be my first choice. My second choice would be whiskey. They're both really rich colors!! But I think it just depends on how you dress :smile:
  10. Of your 3 choices listed, I would go for citron or gardenia...

    Another thought (but definitely a chunk of change more) is the embossed suede Leigh...the slate color looks beautiful (but I haven't seen it IRL) and is currently back up on

    I have also read on here somewhere that the Leigh is to be coming out in a bottle green and a raisin this fall (Octoberish?)....those sound yummy, too!

    More options to consider... (Which maybe makes it more difficult to choose?!?!) Tell us what you end up going with!

    Edit: Ooh! I hadn't seen this post ...
  11. i vote gardenia!!
  12. I'm actually loving this bag in Camel. I had it on my wishlist originally in citron, but changed it to camel because I thought that color is more timeless and could be used for many years to come.
    Regardless of color, Leigh is a gorgeous bag and I will own her before the year is over (let's hope she's around that long!!)
  13. I voted for whiskey, but my second choice would be black and third would be citron. :yes:
  14. I agree - the slate is stunning!! I try not to buy suede bags because they don't usualy work out but that is going to be hard to resist!!

  15. I am with you on this too! I love whiskey (generally) but in camel, the Leigh looks nice! I usually think camel is too washed out but I do love it on the Leigh!!