Garden State Plaza mall Chloe extravaganza

  1. I went to both Nordstrom and NM in the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, NJ today, and they both have a couple of tables full of Chloe bags on sale. Nordstrom has a handful of Ediths in several colors and sizes (large, med, and hobo in Roche, med in Choco), some Bettys (two creme python, a med brun and a large red patent), some Tracys, and a few Paddingtons on sale - including a jade mini Paddy with the long strap, jade Paddy shopper, white Paddy hobo, tan side pocket Paddy, and a CHOCO med Paddy!

    NM had two small and two med red patent Bettys, a few Ediths and a couple of Paddingtons. They also had some cute clutches and a few Tekla bags. Also, I just returned a blanc Edith loaf that I got online - don't know if they'll put it out on the sale table or put it back online, but it's worth asking.

    All were 40% off at both stores, so call 'em up if you want them!
  2. thanks so much for the info!