Garden State Plaza Coach ?

  1. Hey there! I have never been to an Outlet Store...silly me buying my purses for full price:crybaby: Has anyone been to the Garden State Plaza Coach lately? Is it worth it? Do they have Carly bags?
  2. I have not been there is at least a week or two and last i checked there had no more Carly bags.
  3. I have been to like four Coach stores in the last week- my sister went on a shopping binge. I don't know what they have this week- I think there were a few brown Carly's left there last week. I would definitely call.

    Definitely check around, maybe Riverside Square has something or Willowbrook or Paramus Park.
  4. I LOVE that there are so many Great Coach stores in the area! (Also glad there are other pfers in my neck of the woods)