Garden Photographs to Share.....

  1. It's actually a plastic pot and has a drain in the bottom. I did not follow directions though and did not put a layer of rocks in the bottom before I put potting soil in there. Hopefully I will remember next time I plant something in a pot.
  2. Thanks for the information!! My lantana is solid yellow. I have some planted but when I transplanted, I had to snip off the blooms. These are small pots ready to be planted. I love this color! :love:


    I have a little kitchen garden between the house and the garage, actually three separate plots in this area, and I have a big garden out in the yard. My place is bit by bit getting done; I only recently finished the house, and just started the larger garden. My whole place used to be a field, so there are parts where the grass is still really tall and a huge mess...

    baby steps.

    Here is the bumper crop of basil...

    lantana.jpg basil bumper crop.jpg
  3. Hi Tillie!

    No it was never my avatar - but it may be my next one ;)

    I LOVE your garden. I love when those flowers "snow" onto the grass - even FL can have colorful "snow":p
  4. pretty! I'm dying for a flower garden. What can I put on a Balcony in a pot in DIRECT sun - I have a cage I used to use for tomatoes, so do you think I should get a Bougainvillea and wrap it around the cage as it grows - and make it look kind of like a topiary?
  5. Bougainvilla loves sun, that could work! :tup:
  6. Yay - I'm going shopping this weekend!
  7. ^that's the culprit...plastic pots don't allow the water to drain well either. been there done's a sure plant killer. I only buy clay pots that have no finish/sealer on them now.

    ^eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp...LOVE THIS SUBFORUM!!! your kitchen garden pic actually brought tears to my eyes!!! it's been a dream of mine to have a kitchen garden, but I don't live in the right climate for it. I can live vicariously now. I LOVE IT!!! your lantana is so happy too.

    btw, is your avatar a pic in greece? I'm dying to go...
  8. yep...bougainvillea loves full sun & dryer conditions (mediterranean native...doesn't bloom well here in the summer because we have so much rain). be careful has wicked thorns.
  9. No kitchen garden? eeep! I live in a really hot area too. I really can only do cherry tomatoes outside, any other kind has to be done in a greenhouse, but everything else seems to be fine. except cilantro :p
  10. too much rain here for herbs. I tried to grow them in pots, but no luck. I can't imagine doing well with veggies, but I know they do grow them here. I used to have 2 citrus trees, but they came & cut them down a few years ago over fears of citrus canker. I don't baby my garden anyway...if plants can't make it here, I move on :p

  11. I get about 150-200 inches. But we typically use a cinder soil mix for lots of things. I have been a bit lazy about that and just going with a soil ammendment with gypsum in it to break up the clay, which is what I am on at this new place.

    But my artichokes basically told me kiss off and went to artichoke heaven, so I know I will have to step up my game if I want more variety.

    I cant live on basil, LOL!

    You should be able to do peppers, thyme, oregano, rosemary. Mixing some red or black cinder in there should help!

    I am also using a live clover mulch for nitrogen, that might help with some of the water uptake as well.

    Zone 10?
  12. Well my actual garden is in the ground and it sucks so how do you explain that?? :lol: My house plants are all in glazed ceramic pots but I don't remember if the glaze is on the outside only or on the inside as well. Most of them are kind of sad and straggly but I think that might be because they don't get enough light. I don't have a good spot in my house that gets good light except for right up against the window and it would be weird to just have a random table with plants on it in that spot.

    I think I figured out what my plant is - it's a dahlia!! I am about 80% sure that was the plant that I couldn't remember. Someday if it ever flowers I will post another pic and maybe someone will know for sure.

  13. I live in the high desert (6000 ft, super dry) in Wyoming - is that something that would grow here? We are either zone four or five - I can never remember for sure.

    I think my house is just weirdly situated for plant growing. The front of the house gets full morning eastern sun but only a small plot of dirt (that has tulips growing in it that I have never watered, dug up about two dozen bulbs and they STILL come back every year). There is a larger plot on the side but due to trees it is always in the shade. In the back where I have my garden it gets afternoon sun and faces the east (two story house so it blocks the morning sun) but it seems only part of the garden gets full sun, the other part gets partial sun. We are trying to go honeysuckle to cover our patio but again, it's full shade along that wall. We have a mirror propped up to catch light and have been using a plant light but it likely won't ever thrive. The deck (where my potted plant is)gets mid morning to late afternoon sun. I am beginning to think maybe I just have to have a potted garden.
  14. Do you think they will do well on a covered balcony in full sun? I'll have more control over how much water they get that way. When do they bloom? Spring and Fall? I'll get gloves - thanks for the tip!
  15. daylilies, the white smell amazing!!