Garden Photographs to Share.....

  1. Forgot one.
  2. Simply beautiful:smile:
  3. I love all of these beautiful garden photos, especially that price charming disguised as a frog!
  4. Such inspiring garden pics....they make me wanna go play in my garden too! Let me go dig up some of my older garden pics to share tomorrow too. I love this thread! Thanks for sharing :p
  5. Thank you! As of now, it's November 1 and I still enjoy looking at the potted plants. The geraniums are still doing great, they're in full bloom. The surfinas, lobellas, and some other flowering potted plants (don't know the names) are still flowering. I was surprised with the daisy topiary bc it's doing great again after I cut it short during summer after the flowering time. I thought it will die since it turned brown but got green leaves again and it's flowering for maybe 6 weeks now lol All my potted plants (except the geraniums) were cut short after flowering during summer and they were growing and blooming back again And last but not the least, the potted poinsettia is still outside, doing great as you know :p I put all potted plants under the shed so that if it'll rain they will not get wet. It's cold around here now and I think they are vulnerable when it's cold and rains at the same time. They will rot.

    And I do enjoy looking at the flowers bc it seems the colors are more vivid than during the summer lol

    LOL it's too early for snow. I hope we don't get snow so early :lol:

    OMG at first I don't know what I saw :lol: You have a prince in your garden:p Frogs are harmless IMO but I'm so afraid of them. Can you believe that?

    They all look pretty esp. the flower in the last picture.
  6. Our little garden..we have tomatoes, basil & cilantro doing pretty good thus far. Not pictured..onions, rosemary & cucumbers..those are barely sprouting..
  7. Hehe, yep! I'm in Texas.. :smile:
  8. ^hehe...thank you!

    ^LOL! well, that guy was a toad, & he's not harmless. I can understand why you don't like them. they're slimy :/
  9. First sign of spring.....
  10. crocuses :love: :woohoo:
  11. Pretty!
  12. We have been having a lot of rain here these past couple of days..and today we noticed these bluebonnets in our front yard! They sprouted up randomly..awesome! Previous owner must have planted them.
  13. Updated garden pics..I love spring!
  14. DH forgot to tell me he also planted