Garden Photographs to Share.....

  1. I love the balcony you have! I also may steal the way you used the solar lanterns and zip tied them. Its brilliant for a flat!
  2. thank you!! i stole the idea from a neighbor of mine! it looks really pretty at night time.

    my balcony has more flowers now so i wanted to share some pics!


  3. just discovered this thread, I looove all your flowers and veggies. I am flower mad:dothewave::love:
    got the house 6 years ago, only had the trees in the back garden and two shrubs in the front one. Finished planting all my small plants last Fri, I can't wait for the tiny flowers to grow and bloom.
    Garden31.0513.jpg 20130531_183700_resized_1.jpg 20130531_183647_resized_2.jpg 20130531_183641_resized.jpg 20130531_183631_resized_2.jpg 20130531_183619_resized.jpg 20130531_183612_resized.jpg 20130531_083116_resized.jpg 20130531_083111_resized.jpg 20130531_082953_resized.jpg
  4. few more
    20130531_082855_resized.jpg 20130531_082921_resized.jpg 20130531_082939_resized.jpg 20130531_082945_resized.jpg
  5. don't have close ups ones like yours girls. should take some...
  6. I have no idea what these are. They're little things, maybe the size of a pinky finger tip. Got them in a package of mixed wildflower seed. Kind of like a mini-orchid or something.
  7. I love all the container gardens!

    Really pretty. We had something like that a while back, and I recall a name like Angel Wings.
  8. Love your gardens. Holy moly.

    England I take it? If so, your garden reminds me my mother-inlaw's friend in Oxford. Flowers and trees and prettiness all-around. So charming :smile:.
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    poppy 1 June 2013.jpg poppy 2 June 2013.jpg Poppy June 2013.jpg poppy 3 June 2013.jpg
  10. ^pretty flowers, but your view is GORGEOUS!

    ^I'm MAD about your willow hanging basket.:heart: where do you live? based on your house, I'm guessing the UK?

    ^fabulous poppy! what a beautiful classic poppy red color too.
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    ^^^They are amazing. Every year, they reseed from ones that were here when I bought the place 14 years ago. And every year they reseed, they are as gorgeous as before. Very lucky to have them.

    You can see in the last picture how crazy the garden is. Today, I started potting up some baby plants (white balloon) that were sprouting up in random spots, and I almost got a full flat of 4" pots. Insane. I have three years of neglect and crazy reseeding/spreading to address. I started to do some work last year, but much more to do. Poppy on top of lily on of phlox and so on. Yawn. Lots to do.
  12. I'm so jealous! sounds like you live in an ideal growing zone. here gardening is about keeping the jungle under control.:p wish I was there to help you with your perennials.
  13. That would be so fun. I'm on sand, which means some things don't grow, at all. I don't fight...I try something, and if it goes, it goes. If not, oh well. I'm giving many of the baby plants, which are good sized, to the church youth group for their rummage sale. Last year, I thought to drop off some burning bush seedlings the last day of the sale, and they all sold, which got the kids maybe 20 bucks. Free money. This year, I'm going to use their sale to motivate some clean up. I did finally give up treating the phlox with any respect and tilled a bunch under because it's incredibly invasive. Kitten now enjoys playing and sleeping in the newly softened soil.

    Oh, the foxglove is ready to go. It is opening and should be in full effect tomorrow. I'll post pics. In a yellow year. The biennial means yellow one year and large pink or tiny brownish blossoms. Fox glove is a favorite...and iris.
  14. I'm drooling over the plants you can grow. do all foxglove bloom different colors biennially? my aunt (lives near DC) had a beautiful light purple gradient foxglove with a very long stalk (I don't know if that's the right word for it), but it broke. she thinks it broke due to all of the cicadas that are out now :shocked:

    you're so smart to put your "weeding" to good use. please post more pics when you feel like it. so cute that your kitty plays nicely while you garden. my dogs eat some of my plants, pee on some, bring me sticks to play fetch, & try to stand in front of me to lick my face while I'm down on their level (standing on whatever happens to be in their way). luckily most of the subtropical plants here are very hardy. I have the same garden philosophy as you do (whatever makes it, makes it), so my garden is full of tough plants.
  15. Oh I remember having poppies in gardens when I was little...such great memories,thank you for sharing and bringing back childhood memories!!