Garden Photographs to Share.....

  1. Beautiful plants!
    I tried to grow Lavender but did not do well with it, think it was to hot for the plant in Central Florida.
  2. Beautiful garden, great job!!
  3. awesome!!
  4. ^you have some beautiful flowers! that rose is striking. I love your lavender.

    ^they're so cute!

    ^ahhh...that's it
  5. ^they're beautiful! it's been a weird weather year.

    ^I've read that too. I'd be a bit nervous to try it though :p
  6. Hello :smile: I moved to Italy a little over a year ago so I'm a little new at the whole garden thing. Sadly I live in an apartment and share a yard. However I have a balcony that I have been working on an plan on doing more as the cold weather goes away. Here are some pictures.
    image-35647196.jpg image-1843975379.jpg image-2954055020.jpg image-1575095507.jpg
  7. your balcony is great! the furniture is pretty, & your plants look like they're doing well. you're going to have a lot of fun with that in warmer weather.
  8. awesome!!
  9. Does butterflies or birds like sunflowers? Or just the bees?
  10. Apple blossoms and a tree I think is called a Sand Cherry. Some kind of fruit forms, but I'm not sure it's edible, so I've never tried one.
    PinkTree.jpg AppleBlossom.jpg
  11. WOW! That is beautiful.
  12. ^how are your bees doing?

    ^beautiful flowering trees :heart:
  13. My bees are doing great. That hive you see is really challenging for me and we had a lot of trouble in there this weekend, very upsetting.They seem OK today but I still feel badly that they lost a lot of honey and brood because the comb broke on us, partially operator error and partially the heat....I am just sick over that, to be honest. I am glad I only keep one hive of that type, the other one is empty and I think I am going to sell it.

    The other hives are great. I am very happy with their numbers and seems they are all healthy and strong, no issues.

    I missed a swarm call a few miles away yesterday, or I would have had 12 by now

    They flew off this morning, boo....
  14. I love bees & have dreamt of having my own hive with my own honey, but I just don't think I can get that to work here. I see wild bees & wild wasps in my garden though, so I think they're happy. the wasps like my beauty berry bush & haven't built big nests or caused problems, so I think they're OK with my mini ecosystem.

    I have so many questions/comments, if that's OK...
    first...your little bee giff is ADORABLE :heart:

    second...didn't you have a swarm last year? one of your own hives? as I recall, did you lose a colony? is everything going OK with that? I think I follow your bee thread, but I can't remember all of the history. you regularly harvest your honey? or do you leave it for the bees?

    fourth...I'm sorry that your honeycomb was broken. does that hurt/upset the bees? or do they just rebuild?