Garden Photographs to Share.....

  1. Both look healthy. They've got gorgeous flowers.
  2. I took a few pics of the garden today.

    Blue Ginger:


    Cuphea (I have a few different varieties of these):


  3. and a few more...

    the last of my tomatoes before winter sets in:



    canna lily about to flower:

  4. ^wow...that blue ginger looks cool! looks like we live in the same growing zone...I've had all of those plants at one point or another. your garden must be gorgeous.

    ^those tomatoes look fab! that crassula is interesting. it's a succulent, right?
  5. Don't have much planted really other than what I've already mentioned. Just too much maintenance with all the weeding. But I do have a wide variety of wildflowers that sprout up everywhere.

    The first two are unknown to me. The other is a variety of daisy (complete with Monarch butterfly).

    I also have some Nightshade that shows up sometimes which I understand can be a deadly poison.
    Unknown2.jpg Unknown1.jpg Daisy.jpg
  6. Thanks, frick. Yes, the crassula is a succulent. It's a hardy and maintenance free plant.

  7. Pretty wildflowers, Echoes. That first pic looks a little bit like a wild petunia. It could possibly be Ruellia caroliniensis (Acanthaceae), aka Carolina wild petunia. The second one could be a Carolina catchfly, which is a pretty five petal flower. It's hard to tell for sure by the pics, so it's just a guess.
  8. I thought the first one might be some kind of morning glory since we have those wild around here. The second one (pink/violet/fuchsia colored) is very small, maybe a 1/4" across.
  9. Beautiful flowers, I think the blue ginger is really a form of lily, all your plants look so healthy!

  10. Beautiful wild flowers, wish I had more of those.

  11. ^beautiful wildflowers...they're my favorite type of flower!

    ^thanks...I need to look for those. I used to have a succulent garden, but we have so much rain here that they all rotted.
  12. Yes, the blue ginger is not a true ginger, but it's ginger-like, which is probably how it got its name. It's actually related to the wandering Jew plant.
  13. I don't think I've ever seen this cactus bloom before. I wasn't even sure it was still alive.


    These are the second batch of bebby boidies I mentioned.

    Cactus.jpg Birds.jpg
  14. Very pretty Echoes! The first one looks like a morning glory to me also (I have one of mine from last year in my avatar).
  15. that cactus bloom is beautiful! I'm not sure what I'm looking at in the 2nd pic. I googled bebby boidies to no avail.