Garden Party Twilly

  1. Does anyone know if the garden party twilly comes in black? I have seen many pictures on this sight of the brown but no black. I really would like to purchase this bag but I really do not like the brown.:flowers:
  2. Yes, I believe Tokyogirl has one in black with a reddish orange lining. She may have pictures up in the members' reference thread.
  3. Yes, it does come in black. My store manager also said that the bag will also be available in red starting this autumn.
  4. Thanks all for the replies. I really want one and now that I know it comes in black I can get one. Do you have any opinions on wether you think its a good everyday bag?:flowers:
  5. Purse Lover, I saw them in black with a burgundy/black interior this past January in KOP. The lamb leather is so soft - it is a wonderful bag! Good luck, I hope you get one soon!
  6. That sounds gorgeous. I am waiting until the 25th that is the cut off on the billing cycle on my CC. I can't wait until then but DH dosen't want to have an enormus bill. I might just do it anyway because as of right now I can't stand it. I want it so bad.:flowers:
  7. ^^ LOL!!!
    I'd get the Tpm for a cute everyday bag.
  8. Okay I know this sounds dumb but I donot have much hermes knowledge although I am learning alot from this site. What is the Tpm, How much does it cost and if anyone has any pics that would be great:flowers:
  9. I saw a knockoff of this bag at The Bay today. It looked exactly like the real one except the little silver round thing didn't have a logo. it was $20.
  10. How awful ... :Push: Garden party is such a cute bag too ...

    Welcome to the board, Farmer_1.
  11. I love the bigger size. Its gorgeous. Love the lining. Thanks so much for the pics. That is the one I will get the other is sweet but it is a little small. Thanks again so much for your help.:flowers:
  12. One more question if anyone knows the price of the Tpm I'd love to know.:flowers:
  13. hi, purselover,

    Sorry, late to jump in here. Yes, I do have the black. hermesgroupie, your impressive memory cease to amaze me! :lol:

    Here is the photo of mine. I don't know how much it costs, since my DH got it for me as a present. (He also isn't the type to remember prices or keep receipts...)

  14. Tokyogirl, the black with burgundy/black interior is gorgeous!! I have the TTPM (brown/orange) and I think (probably including sales tax) it was in the neighborhood of $1900-$2000 or so when I bought it last year. HTH!