Garden Party Twilly, in red?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew when the red Garden Party Twilly was due to arrive? I know we had talked about it coming out this fall? I haven't seen the GPT in SF in quite a while and am hoping they might get some when the new color comes out. :sweatdrop:
  2. Also, if anyone has seen the brown or black GPTs at your H lately could you let me know? :flowers: TIA!
  3. I think they have one in red calf leather at SCP with a Tohu Bohu Twilly! it was the tpm size... give 'em a call!
  4. H -- Boston has plenty of all colors - Rouge Imperiale, chartreuse, brown, black -- in leather and combo, and they have brown twilly bags. They might have even had a red twilly when I bought mine, but I so preferred the fuchsia lining.
  5. Thanks so much!!!! I think this is gonna be my "next". :graucho:
  6. Pls excuse my ignorance.:shame: I know there's a GP bag but what is a Garden Party twilly? At first I thought it was a twilly scarf in a "garden party" design but I garther GPT is an actual bag? If that's the case, what's the difference then between a regular GP and a GPT?
  7. The GP Twilly is the leather version of the Garden Party that has a silk lining and a Twilly tied to the handle. :flowers:
  8. Oh I see! Thanks for clearing that up for me, lol! Ok, a couple of qns.. the Twilly can be removed tho, yes? And do u know how much these will retail for? Sounds promising..
  9. They start at around $1700 for the ttpm (ttttteeeeeennnnyyy)
    Yes, you can remove the Twilly. It's just tied to the handle but included in the price.
  10. GT, do you happen to remember what colorway the Tohu Bohu Twilly was on the red one? Was it black? I think that would be so pretty. :love:
    DH is going to SoCA next week for work so I asked him to go to SCP and check it out for me if it's still there! :sweatdrop:
  11. Thanks GT. Ok, this has inspired yet another question, lol. What sizes do these come in?
  12. TTPM and TPM are the only ones I've seen? :shrugs: I really want the TPM. :love:
  13. I would love to get the ttpm for my three year old.......but I'm not that indulgent!
  14. ^^Lol! But that would be so cute!

    What are the approx dimensions of the ttpm and tpm? From GT's description of the ttpm, I'm envisioning something like LV's mini HL sac.:s
  15. I don't know the exact measurements, but I believe the TPM is around 35cm along the base.....the ttpm is probably, oh.....20cm, perhaps 25cm long? It's teeny!