Garden Party Totes! Need Info Please...

  1. Ok my Hermes experts....I want to know your expertise on GPT. Now forgive me for my novice knowledge...I am still an H girl in training. So here is what I want to know:
    1) Is it a practial tote?
    2) What do you use it for?
    3) I want a leather one...what do I ask for (type of leather) and what is a timeless color? Anyone have a black one or brown one?
    4) Is it a year round tote?
    5) Anyone have a picture of a leather one?
    6) Is it a casual tote? Would it look good with a more business look? (for meetings.)
    7) Do they come in different sizes? can a laptop fit in it? Would a laptop be too heavy? Dont even think of putting a laptop in it??

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks ladies!:love:
  2. OFF TOPIC: I love your avatar. Is it a chihuahua? I have one called Tallulah- she is three.
  3. Oh thank you! He is actually half chihuahua and half Yorkie. His name is Yoshi and is now 1 yr. My DH given him to me for Christmas in 2005. He was soooo small, only 3 lbs and fit in my LV alma with room to spare.LOL
  4. 1. yes
    2. I use it as an every day tote.
    3. They usually come in Swift nowadays. The leather ones are available in brown, black, and vermillion. Tokyogirl, who hasn't been on in a while, has one in black. Ninja Sue has one in vermillion. I think Nathansgirl has one in brown.
    4. Yes, you can use it year round.
    5. I would go into the Member's Reference Thread for pictures, use the search function.
    6. It is a casual tote, but several members do use it for work.
    7. They come in various sizes: TTPM, TPM, PM, MM, GM. The canvas/leather combos have the most variation in size. Also, there is a vertical model called the Garden Party File. A laptop will fit into the non-leather Garden Party in the PM size. I've only seen the leather ones in the TTPM and TPM size.
  5. HG, is the canvas easy to clean? I've heard it can't get wet, and totes inevitably get knocked around, scratched, stained, etc, so I've hesitated on the GP.
  6. Well, I'm hard on my bags, but I don't toss mine on the floor all the time, but I really haven't had a problem with stains. I was once caught on the tail end of a hurricane with with leather/canvas GP without a problem.
  7. Wow thanks guys! I really like how simple the design is yet it looks so chic. Ya know what I mean? Oh can it be held on the shoulders?
  8. I have the PM and it can actually get over my shoulder and I've got big arms!
  9. TTPM... tiny tiny PM? TPM...tiny PM? Sorry, still a novice when it comes down to some of the lingos.LOL So does that mean that TTPM is really small?
  10. can you tell me what fits in a PM? Does it hold alot? On the leather totes, what is the interior? Something durable?
  11. I have the TTPM and I would say it is between 20-25cm. It kind of has similar dimensions to a Louis Vuitton Reade PM. It is shorter but wider and probably just as deep as the Reade PM. I have a TTPM in brown lamb leather with orange bolduc lining and matching twilly. It is adorable!

    The TPM is 30cm (and I cannot get it over my shoulder - at least not with a jacket on). Mine is swift leather. It fits much more than I ever carry.

    The PM is 35cm (mine is potiron canvas/leather trim). It is a great substitute for a briefcase.

    Love these bags!!
  12. It fits as much as a 35cm Birkin. It's very roomy.
  13. Thanks so much ladies!!! I am getting so excited on deciding which GPT to get. DH thinks they look "low-key chic" so he wants me to get one. I'm off to check out the Member reference thread and look at some pics.

    You guys are the best!!!!