Garden Party tote

  1. what is your opinion on a garden party tote?
    lately i've been thinking of getting one. i want this bag for casual use and even for travel.
    is it worth getting?
    what is your opinion on this particular style?
    garden party.jpg
  2. I am a huge fan of the GPT--it's a wonderful bag for travel and daily use. It is lightweight and holds a lot. I haven't seen this particular style of the GPT in real life yet but it looks great. I do love the traditional GPT with the natural toile and leather straps that you can see on
  3. I like the style and color of that bag, rogicoco. Not sure if the horizontal strap may make it harder to get bigger things in and out. I have several gpts and use them a lot, especially for travel. They're light, hold a lot and can be carried on your shoulder.
  4. thank you so much for your opinions.
    i like the look of this bag,but like you said i don't know if the strap will be in a way.
  5. Is that a picture from bluefly? I just got a small Ahmedabad tote from bluefly the other day and was "assured" by the phone associate that it would come with box, dustbag, tissue, etc... Anyway, it came in the box, but it was ripped to he-double hockey sticks, and had a huge sticker on the box that when I tried to remove, took off some of the box paper. It didn't come with a dustbag, and was just thrown in a too-big box with crinkled tissue. I was dissapointed with bluefly to say the least. I wouldn't recommend them, if that's where you're looking (the pic looked familiar). Other than that, I love the bag!
  6. yes, this is the picture from bluefly.
    thank you for your advice. now i am not sure i want to deal with them. it's not much of a saving. did you contact them?
    very disappointing.

  7. Yes, I would just save up to get one at the H store, which I'm sure is a MUCH better experience than getting a box on the doorstep from DHL. I actually regret getting the bag through them every time I look at the box (I'm a box-saver, I keep them stacked in my closet and use them for storage/decoration).

    The only reason I got mine from there is that I had an extra 10% off coupon from that contest they were doing, and the bag was already 39% off, which made my savings about 1/2 off. This is my first H bag, so I desperately wanted it, and didn't think twice before placing the order, since the SA assured me the packing would be good. It was dissapointing, and I am going to call them on Monday (as soon as DH goes to work, so he doesn't hear me). I'm sure they are going to give me the run-around because of the missing dustbag, but I'll try.

    Don't deal with them, it's just not worth it for shady bags with crappy packaging. For the money, I expected a little more. I don't even know where they get the bags from, it all seemed kind of fishy to me.
  8. I have no experience dealing with bluefly, but that style on your picture is adorable! I like the knot detail, subtle but original. Do show us if you end up buying one!
  9. I love the style of the Garden Party. :smile:
  10. UPDATE: Bluefly gave me a $30 credit for the missing dustbag after 30 minutes on hold with CS. They tried to bribe me with a 10% off coupon OR free shipping first though, but I held out until they credited me. Better than nothing!
  11. Love the GPT. Great bag.
  12. I love this bag. I have a toile/leather and a vermillion swift, both TPM and they are the greatest! I carried the toile all summer as my everyday bag. I had to force myself to use other bags on rare occasions LOL! I love to dress them up with a Twilly or pochette.

  13. Good for you! I actually bought my toile GP bag from Bluefly and it came with everything and had no problems at all.

  14. Thanks, GK. I have been much more bold lately when someone does me wrong, it really pays off! Love your avitar, btw. I dream of owning a Kelly.
  15. ^Thank you! You need to stand your ground when principle is involved! Use a pillow case as a sleeper bag!