Garden Party Tote

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  1. :?:I'm looking for a nice summer bag in black/white. Hermes' website now sells the Garden Party bag in an off white with black trim. Do you think that's a good choice?
  2. I definately thing the GP would be a great summer/casual bag. Go for it!
  3. Have them and love them.
  4. Great bag, I have the smallish size with the detachable shoulder strap. Highly recommend.
  5. I have the GP in the small 30cm size in ebene and toile. Been carrying it daily the last week and love it. The toile is rather stiff so it keeps the shape nicely, in fact much better than my swift vermillion also 30cm. I think this size holds quite a bit.
  6. Are the all-black ones hard to keep clean? My SA recommended the black/white and brown/white. She said the all black and all cranberry canvas ones show the dirt more, but I like the one-color look; for the larger (MM) size, they look less massive.
  7. Mrs. Sparkles once mentioned a problem with a colored canvas and loss of color when cleaning it. That sort of scared me off though I think they are very pretty. I don't think the fabric is going to do as well as the toile. I know the toile is treated and easier to keep clean, even though it is a light color. I had previous experience with my toile Trim and that has been great.
  8. Yes, it screams summer fun!
  9. The GP tote medium size should be here any day now, can't wait! :yahoo: I have an off white and black Herbag and the black canvas is a pain in the ars to keep clean. Shows everything including my hand lotion an hour after I put it on. I am always wiping the black off. I am going to sell the Herbag but first I'm sending it to Beverly Hills to be cleaned up, I hear they do a great job.
  10. zippie, they are definitely cute summer bags. :smile:
  11. What is the price range for the GP totes with the leather trim?
  12. Never mind, found it on the website:blush::blush:

    But can you order a GP tote in any color combination?