Garden Party or Victoria II

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  1. That sausage look is starting to come back to me. Hmmmmm. I think I'm leaning towards the GP.
  2. I am 5'10" and size 6 (American sizing). I like big bags, too, but not oversized. I like uncomplicated, functional bags. I'm going to go to Hermes tomorrow and try the GP on again.
  3. i have a friend with a victoria and it is lovely on her...i know many tpfers love the victoria. it was just too long for me personally...good luck choosing:smile:
  4. The GP definitely fits that description -- big but not huge, uncomplicated, functional. I have somehow accumulated three of them. I've thought many times about getting a Victoria because of the double zipper and flat straps, but every time I look at one, it seems bulky on me. The strap drop is (I think) the same on the Victoria as it is on the GP, and you'd think the Victoria wild be more comfortable on the shoulder because of the flat straps, but because of how it's shaped, it feels bulky under the arm. The GP does too, but only when it's really full. I don't think either goes over the shoulder very comfortably when a heavy coat is involved. Of course, if you're a hand/arm carry-only person, none of this matters!
  5. I travel with my Victoria as my only carry on. It fits everything, including a small bag (like a jige, Evelyne tpm, or Chanel wallet on a chain), water, snack, iPad, scarf or light sweater, make up bag, wallet, brush, keys, phone, etc. I like that it closes securely so I don't have to worry about anything falling out on the plane. I also think it looks super chic when I walk through the airport.
    I had planned to add a GP for around town as a more structured replacement for my Goyard St. Louis, but I'm passing because DD's only H is a GP and I want it to feel special and unique to her until she can expand her collection.
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  6. The Victoria is one of those bags that I want to love but I can't pull the trigger. I have tried it several times but it looks like luggage on me or a "sausage" as someone mentioned. I think I will search for a bolide 35 instead.

    You already had a Victoria but got rid of it probably because you didn't love it. You didn't get rid of all your bags, you got rid of the Victoria, and that is very telling. I vote for the GP--even if it doesn't work for you for travel, you may find it useful to have in your collection or your loss won't be as great if you decide to sell. GL! Be well. :smile:
  7. Oh and my gp is a great gym bag and all aroynd tote. Posted this pic in another thread but hope it helps. Here[​IMG]
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  8. what about getting the new 6 pocket GP that has shoulder straps? you can always take off the shoulder strap if you don't want it. it adds more flexibility with the shoulder strap and it's very secure with the strap if you were it cross body.
  9. O.M.G. How incredibly flattering! Thank you for these kind comments, Sourisbrune.

  10. +1 I love my 36cm GP!!! Never going to let that one go❤️❤️
  11. Lovin' your input everyone!
    Popped into Hermes today. I still like the Victoria. Very chic and clean design.
    My SA is terrific and a lot of fun. He brought out GP's in several colors. I like the oranges, blues and reds. He found other colors I'm interested in, available in the company. Yay!
    I think I'm going to get a GP. Now, conservative color, or fun summer color? If I like it, maybe a statement color now, and a conservative color next time?
    If you'd like to give your opinion on which bag, or a great color, please do. I haven't made my purchase yet.
    For reference, I wear neutrals (grey, white, black and taupe), solid colors, stay-at-home-mom/PTA casual and my coloring is young(er) Diane Keaton, with a golden tan.

  12. I love GP in bright colors!!! Especially if you wear neutral colored clothing GP in bright color can provide a beautiful pop! ... What colors were you considering? I have a rouge duchess and I love the muted color! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465257813.635056.jpg
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  13. Which colors specifically are you considering? I think the GP is a bag that can look good in either neutrals or statement colors, depending on which look you're going for. Also, my personal preference is for contrast stitching -- I think it really stands out on the GP, more than on some other bag styles.
  14. View attachment 3375377 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465310878.780905.jpg

    This is my Garden Party 36 Rouge Piment
    I really am finding the bag a lot a fun to use
    It's practical for various situations as you can see from other posts
    (I saw a bag charm like the one on mine about a year ago from Purssey's GP post & liked it a lot. As soon as I found this I had to buy! It fits in well in the sub tropical environment I live)
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  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465311605.962869.jpg
    One more pic

    Good luck deciding!!!
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