Garden Party or Victoria II

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  1. :confused1::shrugs:Please help me decide.:cray::wondering
    Which bag would best fit my needs?

    I would be using the bag for air travel and car trips, and some daily errands. I have a Jypsiere (28) I use all the time- it holds my daily items (wallet, keys, reading glasses/case, cell, EPI Pen, hand wipes, etc.,...), but it doesn't hold my iPad mini and bulky sunglasses cases.
    On trips I would like to add my daughter's sunglasses, iPad and whatever else she finds necessary for entertainment.
    I owned a Victoria and sold it a few months after my purchase. I was unwell and wanted to treat myself to something special. I was at home all the time and felt it was a waste. I didn't foresee how much I would miss it now that I'm no longer housebound.

    GP pro: cost, more structured base, holds a lot, I like the snap closure
    GP con: fits on my shoulder, but not as comfortably as the Victoria, wide base makes
    shoulder carry a bit awkward
    Victoria pro: I like the simplicity of design, double zipper security, I like the smooshy look of
    this bag, fits on the shoulder really well (collapses)
    Victoria cons: costs a bit more (it's worth it if it works better for my lifestyle), open zipper
    when shoulder carried snags sweaters

    Thank you for your input!!!
  2. I just let go of a looked like a sausage on me worn on the shoulder. But it is secure when travelling because of zipper.
    I just got a garden party in a bright color for the summer and travelling. It actually fits on my shoulder snug and fits everything. I prefer this bag for travelling but it only has a snap closure everything kind of exposed....
  3. Victoria will suit you more
  4. Sounds to me like GP would be better for you. It will also be easier to get into quickly and will store all the things you mentioned without being jumbled and messy inside.

  5. +1 GP
    I have a 36 in a bright color & just began using it after owning several years
    Though there is only has a snap closure, you can put a scarf on top of things as a deterrent
    Mine is Negonda leather. I'm told it is good in the rain
  6. Yes mine is 36 negonda and ive carried mine through rain and it is totally fine!
  7. Victoria
  8. GP. One of the best Hermes bags ever
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  9. This is just MY personal preference, OK? I HAVE a Victoria that I just bought a month or so ago and I dislike having to fuss with the zippers! I'm going to send it to a good home and probably replace it with a GP.....Etoupe again, if I'm lucky. I just think the GP will be easier for ME to use. YMMV
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  10. I vote for a GP in the 36cm size. They are great without zippers and the snap closure will prevent things from falling out. Even though small bags are in, I still gravitate to bigger bags especially when I'm running errands or doing some light grocery shopping.
  11. i own a victoria and find it quite useful. the size gives nice space for traveling and stuffing without overspilling with the zipper. it is under radar and could be shoulder sling or hand held
  12. I have 2 Victorias. A 5 years old black and a recent purchase of gold.

    My job requires that I travel at least 2 to 3 times a month lasting about 2~3 days each.

    I find that these bags are extremely comfortable and durable. Not to mention the security that comes with the zippers.
    As an everyday bag, I have absolutely no complaints.

    Now, I am a little over 5'6 so this size does not overwhelm me. I think the proportion really depends on how tall you are.

    I had a garden party and because of the security issues, I let it go.
  13. Hi BobKat,
    I have seen some of your other posts over time and you've been spot on with many of my thoughts. Knowing you have purchased and are thinking about replacing your Victoria (with a GP) makes me think about why I was so quick to sell, and not just let it sit in the box for a while, until I regained my health. I thank you for your opinion. I was hoping you'd chime in.
  14. Good to know. Thank you!
  15. Where I live, we have webbed feet eight months out of the year. Too much rain. Once again, good to know. I'm glad I'm getting testimonials.