Garden Party or St.Louis

  1. I just realized that none of my bags are suitable for rainy weather...I initially like the white goyard st.louis tote but now find it a little too ubiquitous, I wonder if the gm/mm garden party will be a better choice for the money? The goyard with personalization, the only way I'd get it, will ring up close to 1200 while the garden party is around 1500. Which will be a better investment and what other color does the garden party come in besides black, brown, and orange? Thanks!
  2. I love the look of the GP, way more than Goyard.
  3. The Garden Party comes in all sorts of colour combinations. Very nice is the natural/black combo.
    I think the Garden Party is a very elegant, understated and practical bag and if you take the potential resale value into consideration, it might be the better investment.
  4. The GP is gorgeous so you can't go wrong there. But I just got a St. Louis and I have to say it is a great bag! I took it on a trip recently and it was so nice as a carry on. I put my Picotin inside it as well as a book, snacks, ipod, magazine. It was great to just be able to put it under the seat and not worry about it at all. And you can detatch the pouch it comes with and use it as a clutch which I did in Las Vegas when it started to rain. So worry free and a great every day tote too! :tup:
  5. I vote for the St. Louis personalized with racing stripes and your initials :graucho: I'm really loving Goyard lately and want to get one myself!!
  6. I have both the St. Louis and the GP and it truly depends on your taste. The GP is very very durable-I mean I carried it in rain and snow and it still looks good as it is. St. Louis is more of a sunday brunch bag to me because the opening is quite big and I find it hard to put heavy stuff into it. Hope this helps and good luck with your purchase!
  7. I ADORE Goyard! I've got a Fidji bag (it's like a tote...but, it has a zipper close! YAY!) and would like to get the tote bag as well. I'd use it more as a travel, everyday kind of "throw it in there and go" bag. The GP...also on my MUST aquire list, is a VERY good bag! Able to be carried in MANY diff situations and places. If you're looking for a bag you can get rained on, I'd recommend the Goyard, if you want a nice bag you can carry just about everywhere, anytime...I'd recommend the GP.