Garden Party or Marwari?

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Which one to get?

  1. Garden Party

  2. Marwari

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I need some help deciding -

    Garden Party is the standard 36 cm size - canvas, love that it is relatively stiff

    Marwari is the GM - love the boho look.

    I am a working mum with three kids, I had a GP before but the 30 cm and didn't use it enough. can you put this size GP on your shoulder?

    the price point is different but that alone is not the deciding factor for me
  2. It looks like Hermes is going to retire Marwari soon. I went to H store yesterday and asked for Marwari; the SA tried to show me what color Marwari comes in, but there was not Marwari on the store's book. She said that H might retire Marwari soon, otherwise, it would be on the store's book. So, I think Marwari might be a better choice before they discontinued but again, you have to love the bag. I tried Marwari PM and I love it.
  3. thanks for your response -

    usually discontinued or rested makes me want to buy the bag right away to not miss out...

    but I am trying to decide whether it fits my style and my needs. I carry a lot of stuff with me, and the GP has to fit my mac air plus lots of other stuff. the marwari gm definitely fits all of this but I am sure it will be much heavier. so hard to make a decision
  4. You may not able to wear the garden party on your shoulder with winter coat on.
    With the Mac air in consideration, as the Marwari does not have a stiff bottom, it might stretch the leather.

    Please do not get the Marwari because its going to retire soon but you have to love it and it fits your lifestyle.
  5. I vote for the garden party. Just got the all leather version in black and I love it! I can't wear mine on the shoulder with a winter coat on though.
  6. winter coat is no problem, I live in a no-winter country
  7. I vote for garden party and I would prefer one in canvas to offset the weight if your Mac air.
  8. I have a Marwari GM, and I find it a fantastic design for carrying lots of things—cameras, laptops, whathaveyou. It gets heavy, but anything does when carrying things like that. When carrying the normal bag items and sweater, it's perfect for shopping and hanging out.

    And in case the soft bottom of the Marwari bothers someone, I would point out that the GP's bottom tends to sag, too. A bag insert helps both.

    It's sad to hear that the Marwari is already being retired. I want another!
  9. I heard that if you got the GP in canvas, it sags less than all-leather. I personally love the look of the canvas GP - so clean and simple.
  10. Garden Party, not a fan of the Marwari tbh.
  11. Definitely a Garden Party in canvas/leather which you'll have the advantage of lighter weight and it'll be more rigid. All leather GP will sag within weeks of usage, I don't like that at all. I don't have a problem putting my GP 36cm on my shoulder even with suits on. But if you have any concern about that, get the shoulder GP.
    Personally I never like the shape of Marwari. It's a taller shaped bag, so if you put anything inside, everything goes to the bottom of the bag which makes it difficult to get anything out later on. Imagine having to fish out your phone amongst everything else in there especially if you carry a lot of stuff.
  12. thanks - this helps a lot.
  13. #13 Oct 13, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2012
    this is definitely something to consider but does not bother me because I have the SO Kelly 26 and it is a similar situation. I typically prefer north/south bags.

    but I also prefer non-saggy bags, so i totally agree with you on the canvas/leather GP
  14. this is what I liked the first time round but my previous one was too small and beige/brown, the natural canvas does not work on me. the one I found now is etoupe, which I prefer.
  15. I have the PM Marwari and denim GP plus 4 kids. The GP opening is quite large and things will sometimes spill out. It does hold tons though and is very very light.

    Marwari PM is great because it has more narrow opening and side pocket for easy access. It does weigh significantly more and doesn't look as "polished" as the GP. It's more casual boho style.

    I don't really prefer one or the other. It depends on what your style is I guess. I love both (and everything H). You can't go wrong. Good luck!