Garden party opinions?

  1. Love mine. They have several color options so for an everyday bag I picked a neutral. The PM is 35cm and is a great tote. BTW, the leather is buffalo, not Fjord as in the title.
  2. i love it it is very versatile as a gym or beach or even grocery shopping bag. i absolutel adore it in rouge imperiale
  3. I do not own one, but it is a very versatile bag...quite easily used daily
  4. I have seen them in the store and they are a great bag to have!
  5. I definitely want to get a GP at some point. I rally like the green or natural with black or with brown. There are different sizes and I think they start around $1500-$1600. :flowers:
  6. If you are near an Hermes boutique, the GP is a great bag to buy at the boutique. They have plenty of stock in different colors.
  7. thanks to all. my husband is off to Paris next week so maybe i will drop some hints????
  8. Lilach - how would you describe "rouge imperiale"? My SA didn't seem to know what that color was.
  9. Good luck Prada - I love the GP in so many combos!
  10. it is a blueish red lined with a violet(pink) and the only red available for the GP
  11. I am very depressed that Hermes stopped making the Amazonia, :crybaby: (rubber version of garden bag), I wanted to get one more!:Push:
  12. butit smelled so well..funky
  13. I need one of these, I might pick one up tomorrow. I am in desperate need of a beach/day bag!!!
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