Garden Party in Etoupe Clemence

  1. Saw a lovely GP in Etouple clemence (with white stitching). First time I have ever seen one in clemence. It was rather lovely. Just thought I would let TPFers who love their GPs know that a clemence leather version is available as well.
  2. wow! thank you for the heads up. do you happen know the price of it? thx :smile:
  3. Do they come in different sizes and colors? Can't wait to see um.
  4. Good grief! The Garden Party is my all time fave bag. I use it everyday. And now they have it in leather?!!

    I MUST have one.....but I'm on a purseban!

    Somebody please show me pics...will live vicarously for now.
  5. I have heard of leather GPs in PM size. What about the 40cm GM?
  6. Leather GP's come in Orange, Brown, Black, Rough H and Etoupe. All I have seen have been made swift.
  7. Thank you for the heads-up, archangel. Will keep a look out for the Clemence GPs.
  8. Ooooh, that sounds so nice....does anyone have a photo????
  9. Are you serious, that sounds perfect for me!! Any price info?
  10. Thanks for the heads-up, A. Hope someone can post a picture of it here.
  11. oh someone's definitely going to buy that bag! there's a huge etoupe clemence fan base here!:dothewave:
  12. Wow, that sounds heavenly! :tup:
  13. Wow, it sounds perfect, but I just hope they make those in GM.
  14. Oh, sound cool :tup: I like my GP coz it is light and I use it as my bb diaper bag :nuts:
  15. This is so exciting b/c it's exactly the bag I've been longing for...GP shape but no toile to worry about? And Clemence's yummy colors? Perfect! :tup:
    Need pics, pics, pics! :party: