Garden party GM for men? Be honest

  1. Hi guys and girls!

    First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    May 2007 be a wonderfull year with lots of orange boxes!

    Do you guys think a Garden party ( color: grey/brown )
    can be worn buy a guy?

    I am a very simplistic guy with simple seven jeans and cardigans/tees by Ralph Lauren.
    I'm not a flashy lollipop or something....

    I think I can work it....

    BTW: has anybody pics from someone sporting a Garden Party GM?

  2. :wtf:
  3. leave the last bit out......not meant to be old fashioned but you better behave yourself here.....

    on to your qustion: YES a guy can rock a bigger garden party....but I would avoid the toile/leather mix.

    black on black leather or grey(etoupe) would look wonderful....especially when worn with simple clothing.

  4. definitely not IMO. The Garden Party is a "girlie" bag.
  5. I think a black one would look fine. :yes:
  6. Sorry, but I doubt if any of us appreciate this sort of reference. :yucky:
  7. agree :supacool:
  8. Well, I've seen guys carry it, and,, it just looked to femme.
  9. THX b*tches and h*'s!

    Whoopsie, Chlochar.......:lecture: this is a no-no

    But all that aside, I don't think a man can pull it off, IMO. Too femme.....really. How about a Valparaiso? :yes:
  10. What about a Garden Party Tote?
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. I'm all for a man and his oversized Birkin, but not this.

    The bag IS named Garden Party, i'd take that as a hint :yes:
  13. Oh no.. are we going to get a "can guys wear a kelly?" next?
  14. Um......that question's actually been asked already.
  15. I don't feel a man should carry a garden party, a kelly, a bolide, a picotin, a paris-bombay, a dalvy (however you spell it), a plume, a constance, or even a birkin. Did I miss anything? :rolleyes: