Garden Party details

  1. Is Hermès or Hermès Paris stamped anywhere on the leather straps or bottom of a Garden Party? Does it say Hermès anywhere on the bag, other than the snaps? Is the Garden Party a popular target of counterfeiters?
  2. It is stamped Hermes, Paris, made in France along the interior straps that run up the sides. Yes, it has been counterfeited.
  3. I'm looking at my Garden Party twilly bag right now. I don't see any stamps on it. The only thing that says Hermes on it is the lining where it looks like the regular brown ribbon they use.

    on another note, I had no idea that garden party bags were counterfeited. Is there anything that isn't at the mercy of counterfeiters?
  4. ^ nope - thos sleezebags will fake just about anything for a profit. no morals whatsoever... dispicable!
  5. Nathansgirl, I should note my Garden Parties are the unlined version.
  6. I figured that. I am going to get one of those next. What color is yours?
  7. I have 2, black and rouge imperiale. I like that new color, too, lichen.