Garden Party - creases on the canvas

  1. I have my Garden Party Rouge Imperiale for 2 months now, and only yesterday did I notice "creases" on the sides of the bag, the area further down from the press buttons.

    I am sure I got them from clamping the bag against my body when I wear the GP on my shoulders.

    The creases or nicks make the bag look ugly. It's like little bents on a starched shirt.

    I am wondering if it can be fixed to make it look good again.
  2. I don't recommend doing this unless someone with a lot more expertise than me confirms it's OK, but since the GP is fabric (right?) would steaming it help?
  3. Mrs your PM......:smile:

    No, this hasn't happened to mine at all.....I'd prob. take it to show your SA and see what she says. Sounds weird?
  4. can you take a pic of it?
  5. OK, I'll be back in a minute.
  6. K,
    I don't have a super duper camera to take close up pictures, so I am not sure of you can see them. They are just by the fold of the canvas by the sides. Like little pinkish/whitish worm-y creases.



  7. Oh, S, I can't see them, but they don't sound right.........I think a trip back tot he store to get looked over would be in order........I wouldn't want this happening to mine, and yours is almost brand new!!

    Are the marks on the canvas part?
  8. Yes, on the canvas. Sorry, I do not have a good camera for this sort of thing.

    The creases are very obvious IRL. And when I run my fingers over them, I can feel the irregularity with the rest of the smooth canvas.

    Looks like I have no choice but to bring it in to the store to have it checked.

  9. I can't see them in your photos, but I just took a good look at my GP and don't have anything resembling creases. Mine is a couple of months old and has been getting heavy use .... you should take it back into the store.
  10. Good Luck with it - let us know what they say......
  11. S, I can't see the creases from the pics. If you have the time, drop by the store & let them have a look...maybe Mr. Craftsman could do something..:flowers:
  12. Sigh ... have I been 'abusing' my GP? How come I am the only one :crybaby: :crybaby:?

    It'll have to be next Tuesday then .... I'll stop using it right away ....
  13. Mrs. S - I see some faint wavy creases on the left bottom side of the purse in picture #1.....Is this what we are suppose to see, b/c I see it, and I don't want you to think your nuts:yes: . Take it back to your SA, and see what can be done. If this is one of the white creases, how many are there??

    I can't see any in the 2nd or the 3rd pictures.

    Good Luck when you take it in. Just wanted to let you know I see it.
  14. NHL - you're right! I can see that, too! Mrs S - that's not right, colour loss like that......take it back and see what they suggest.......It looks like it has been rubbing against something, but still, it's practically brand new!!
  15. Yes! That's right. That's what I meant. There are a few of these creases. And on BOTH sides of the bag. Intially I thought maybe they were scratches caused by my finger nails but when I realised they are on both sides of the bag, I figured they were creases caused when I pressed the bag against my body.